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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products For Pets.

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Why Use CBD Products for Your Pets

Humans and other mammals have endocannabinoid systems, specific cannabinoid receptor sites located primarily within the brain. central nervous system and peripheral organs, especially the immune cells. The endocannabinoid system has been found in our vertebrates. CBD interacts in a similar way in pets. as it does with humans. therefore it can be used to treat similar conditions. CBD has less than. 03% THC and has no psychoactive properties.

Studies show cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory effects and can help with a variety of ailments, such as allergies, arthritis and joint pain, cancer, chronic pain, digestive issues, fatty tumors, glucoma, homeostatis, IBS, inflammation, phobias, seizures, skin problems, muscle spasms, aggression, anxiety and neurological disorders.

It can help with pets that have separation anxiety, social anxiety, fear of thunderstroms, or long distance traveling. It is great for post-surgery recovery since it aids with swelling, pain, and stiffness, as well as bone breaks, torn ligaments and strains.

Ideally with the advice of your vet CBD can supplement synthetic drugs which contain many side effects, and can be used to manage mood and pain. Perfect for aging pets.

Order CTFO CBD Products for Your Pets

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Pure CBD Hemp Oil Pet Health Oral Spray Retail Price $40.97 - You Pay Only $24.97 (.25oz 8 ml Spray Bottle)
Pure CBD Hemp Oil Pet Health Oral Spray 100mg Retail Price $54.97 - You Pay Only $37.97 (1 fl oz 30 ml Spray Bottle)
Pure Hemp CBD Oil Natural Flavor Pet Drops 250mg Retail Price $71.97 - You Pay Only $49.97 (1 fl oz 30 ml Bottle)
Pure Hemp CBD Oil Pet Chew Treats Retail Price $55.97 - You Pay Only $34.97 (2.26 oz Silver Bag 32 Treats Per Bag)
Pure Hemp CBD Oil Pet Conditioning Shampoo Retail Price $49.97 - You Pay Only $34.97 (8 fl oz 236 ml Bottle)

These amazing products with CBD Hemp Oil are producing some amazing results.

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