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Moisture Blast Skin Serum

As we age, we tend to lose hydration in our skin, especially on our face, due to sun exposure and pollution in the air. Moisture Blast Skin Serum will give your entire face the hydration it has been waiting for. This powerful serum has the ability to deliver hydration to your skin 1000 times deeper than water alone while boosting your skins natural collagen and elastin production promoting younger looking skin.

For best results use twice daily.

These amazing skin care products are producing some amazing results. Check out some of these key benefits.

Key Benefits

Delivers - Hydration to your skin

Boosts- skins natural elastin production

Promotes - Healthy moisturized skin

How To Use

Apply twice daily to desired areas.

Dosage - Contains 20 mg of CBD oil.

Order Moisture Blast Skin Serum

0.5 fl oz. 15 ml White Bottle Retail Price $42.97 - You Pay Only $29.97

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