Bid For My Meds A Home Business That Can Fulfill Your Dreams

Let me start by asking you to think about one of the most exciting times of your life. Maybe it was meeting some special girl or (guy) or maybe it was some some special event or vacation. Perhaps it was sitting on some tropical beach somewhere watching the sun go down as you listen to the ocean waves.

Why did I ask you to do that because next I want to ask a simple question of you.



Do you want to be a part of something truly special? I’m talking the kind of special that changes a person’s life forever. That kind of special that can give a person the opportunity to do the things they want to do and dream about rather than what they have to do just to get by. If so watch and listen up.
Some facts about this business:


  • You have a product used by over 200 million people just in the US alone. A product they buy every month like groceries.
  • And people can see solid proof for themselves where they can save in many cases 50% – 80%.
  • The cost to become an Associate is only $17 per month with no signup fee.
  • The distribution arm of the company has been around 7 years so it is very stable.
  • Yet, the marketing arm is less than a month old so it is a ground-floor opportunity.
  • And better yet the comp plan is a 5x 6 forced matrix with a 100% matching bonus on all personal enrollees and a matching bonus on 4 more generations of enrollees. These go from 50% – 25% – 15% and 10%. This provides real incentive to enroll people which ultimately benefits everyone in the matrix.
  • So you have a matrix here with a ground-floor opportunity (perfect timing) but that even that doesn’t mean that much unless you have this 3rd factor in play.
  • That 3rd factor is that you have some very talented proven people (million dollar earners) who are driving enrollments from the top.
  • In this case you have a number of million dollar earners who have been top distributors and earners in other companies driving this. They see the real opportunity available here.


Something else to consider.


Because you have a product that saves people money and costs very little every month (only $17) you should have very few people quit. So what you build you should continue to earn off of for a very long time.


One more thing about timing which can be everything in an opportunity. With increased healthcare costs associated with the new ACA the timing couldn’t be better for this product.

Let me say this though about what really makes this truly special.


It’s about attitude and a desire to be truly special. It’s this attitude that very few people and companies possess but it is this attitude that propels those that have it to greatness.

We hope you decide to join us and let us help you be a part of and build something truly special. We as a team will work hard to help you succeed.

You would be joining a super team of million dollar earners, super recruiters and internet experts with a total of over 100 years experience in this industry. A team poised to make this not only the last company they ever build, but the biggest and most lucrative. We welcome you with open arms.

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