Last Chance Save Big on CoolTraderPro Robotic Stock Trading S/W Video

Last Chance Opportunity to Save Big Money on the CoolTrade auto trading S/W. The clock is ticking. If you have any interest in purchasing the Best AutoTrading Robotic S/W you have until the end of the year (2014) to act. Right now until the end of the year you can get a 3 year Subscription for only $3500. The price will increase to $3990 for a 1 year license starting next year for those not electing to purchase it at this time.

How did you do today? Every day is a great day when you are using CoolTraderPro S/W.

Fully Automated  – Do you find yourself ever second guessing when to buy and sell. Let the robotic trader make the decisions for you.

Was the Market Up or Down Today?

If you use CoolTraderPro, it really doesn’t matter. CoolTraderPro’s automated strategies run both a long and short strategy AT THE SAME TIME. This mean that when the market goes up, you make money… and when the market goes down…. you make money. A good day for you is any day that sees the market move UP or DOWN.

CoolTrade Takes the Profits Every Day

What makes CoolTraderPro so effective is that as soon as a stock gets profitable (even a little bit), it locks in the profit and protects it. So when the market goes back down it takes the profit, and when the market goes up, it continues to protect your profits every day. How would you like to find a $50 or $100 bill on the street every day? That’s what it feels like to run CoolTraderPro.

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