Anti-Aging Info How We Age

The various causes of aging are things like oxidation, inflammation, pollution, glycation, toxins and their various harmful effects on the body.

What are the Role of Telomeres. The ends of DNA strands are called “telomeres.” These telomeres are like protective caps on our genes, containing the essential chromosome information inside. Each time a cell replicates, a portion of the telomere wears away. This shortened telomere is duplicated during the next cell division, and becomes shorter again. Once a telomere has effectively worn away, the cell has reached “old age” and loses its ability to divide.

Telomeres could be described as looking like a kite tail. Telomeres prevent chromosomes from becoming frayed, fusing into rings, or binding with other DNA strands. (One way to think of Telomeres is they are like the plastic tips on the end of shoelaces that keeps them from unraveling.)

We mentioned earlier that Telomeres are our bodies age clock. What we mean by this is as we age our telomeres get shorter until when they reach a certain length our body dies. If we can keep our telemeres from getting shorter we can slow down the aging process and thus live longer. The Nobel Prize was awarded in 2009 for this science. What scientists discovered was there is an enzyme called telomerase that help prevent telomeres from becoming shorter.



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