Story of the Master of Time Use a System to Builda Home Business.

The Master of Time (Featuring Percy the Toad)
Story by
Nick A James

“Ringgg – thud – ringgg – thud” Percy’s alarm would go off and he would just as quickly hit the snooze button. This happened several times before he relented and let his little toad feet feel the cold realm of the bedroom floor. He wanted to keep on dreaming but his pressing work load wouldn’t allow it.

“If only I had more time each day to do everything. It seems like my allotted time each day is shrinking faster than a cheap suit in a rainstorm. And Percy should know as his coworkers were always asking him “about his latest wardrobe classic” as they tried to hold back the dam of chuckles. Most mornings the dam broke.


Percy didn’t enjoy their remarks, but he couldn’t help the fact that he was always short on money for nicer toad clothes. Percy’s mind often drifted like a boat on the Y-cant-i Ocean. Why can’t I have nicer clothes and things like others around me? And why can’t I be wealthy like those people in those expensive toadstool homes I drive by on the way to work?

Are they smarter then me – I don’t think so – after all I remember as a young toad winning the annual school detective contest for solving the “Mystery of the Missing Toadstools”. Sure I didn’t always excel in school, but most of the time the classes were boring. When I found something interesting and applied my little toad brain there wasn’t a toad in the school any better.

“Hum-pph” Percy instantly had an idea. “Interesting – that was certainly a clue. When I find something interesting I tend to do much better, even excel in that area.” “But how does this relate to those other toads living in those expensive toadstools?” Could interesting be part of the solution? Percy thought. But he would have to dig deeper. Percy remembered winning the big school detective contest years earlier and how good he felt. He always enjoyed solving riddles and puzzles.

This was going to be good, this would be like a great toad puzzle designed by one of the great toad puzzle masters of old.

He would start to solve this puzzle by searching for other clues.

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He thought, “Perhaps being successful and living in a nice toadstool home was due to superior education?” But Percy quickly dismissed this because, he remembered one of the richest toads he knew never went to college. So education certainly wasn’t the key.

Next he thought, “Perhaps being successful and living in a nice toadstool home was due to superior IQ and brains?” But Percy quickly dismissed this because, he remembered one of the smartest toads he knew from school was almost in the same boat as himself. So IQ and brains certainly wasn’t the key.

Next he thought, “Perhaps being successful and living in a nice toadstool home was due to sheer hard work?” But Percy quickly dismissed this because, he remembered some of the hardest working toads he knew were constructions workers and they worked long hard hours and they certainly weren’t rich. So just working hard certainly wasn’t the key he was looking for.

And yet he had always heard, “To be successful in life get a good education, be smart and work hard.” Now Percy certainly didn’t discount these as not being important. After all he didn’t know any illiterate people who were lazy and dumb who were successful. It would seem the experts were only half right – these things were only part of the answer, some important ingredient was missing. Perhaps the experts didn’t know everything.

What was the one thing that was standard in everyone’s life. He remembered a sentence from a famous Historical document. “All men are created equal…”

Percy thought about this, “Sure some people may be born into a better existence, but beyond that everyone is born with the same life in the same way….whoa this was key. What an incredible idea he thought.

Percy had heard this expression before but up until now he never grasped what it really meant. Now he truly was able to wrap his brain around this incredible concept. All men truly are created equal by their creator with the same amount of time in a day. No one gets more no one gets less. What each man does with his allotted time each day basically determines the legacy he will leave.

The men who leave the greater legacies are the true “Masters of Time”.

With this in mind Percy went into this den of deep thought and meditation for days. When he finally emerged from beneath his toad stool he was as giggly as a 12 year old school girl at a birthday party.

Men had for years envisioned creating time machines, which would allow them to learn the future and thus give them a present day advantage.

But Percy realized that time travel was essentially impossible at least in his lifetime. So Percy went back into his little workshop underneath his toadstool to invent his “Master of Time” machine.

And that was the last we heard of Percy – or was it?…

One day many years later…
The birds were chirping – It was a beautiful spring morning and little Priscilla has just awoke to their beautiful song. Priscilla was eager to start her day- it was such a joy getting up since she had purchased the “Master of Time” video game down at the mall. Today was going to be exciting she thought.

For years many experts had written books and taught courses on how to manage your time down to even the minutest detail. The problem was that information if applied could only help that person manage their time better. These courses never helped the person be a “master of time” – a big difference.

The “Master of Time” game had been invented years earlier, but had never caught on until it was made into a video game. Actually what made this game unique was it was more than a game. People used it to manage their lives and prosperity.

Now it seemed the whole world was playing this game, and oh wow the new things it was producing. Back in the early 21st Century it only seemed like there were a lot of new technical inventions, but comparing that to today was like comparing Medieval Times to the 21st Century.