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Here are more great CBD hemp oil testimonies about sleep, face and facial skin care products. Note: we not not claiming CBD Hemp Oil is a cure or treatment for anything. These are simply the stories of these individual people.

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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products


Better Sleep

For the last year I have been taking a sleeping pill, and still only got 2 to 3 hrs. of sleep if I was lucky.

Well I have been using the CBD sleep spray for 3 days and I’m literally getting 10 hrs. of sleep each night.

For the first time in over a year I actually NEED my alarm to wake up.

Once again I am blown away at these amazing products. Thank you CTFO for bringing us these CBD products – KS Wallace

500mg hemp oil drops….
I followed the advice of another member and bought the 2ml dropped bottles. I gave one of them to a co-worker who suffers with skin issues on her middle finger. She tried numerous creams with no real results. It would go away for a little while and then come back worse. She started using the oil as a topical, her skin has completely cleared and has not come back. We wash our hands non-stop in the dental field and wear gloves all day so our hands are always irritated. This is an amazing product used topically as well! – Jen Drzewiecki

Facial Skin Care Cleanser

So this is my first testimonial. I ordered a few of the facial creams and they came in today. This evening I used the facial cleanser. I’ve never used a cleanser like this before…its like liquid silk! It doesn’t lather or get bubbly…it feels like you’re washing your face with a light moisturizer…i actually almost forgot to wash it off. I have very sensitive skin and whenever I try any kind of cleanser or moisturizer I can feel a tingling or burning sensation…some are mild but others are quite a bit stronger…the last moisturizer I tried literally burnt the side of my mouth and it was scabbed over for about 2 weeks! GROSS. But with this cleanser there was none of that. My face feels light and fresh and clean…and super soft…i can’t stop touching my face!!! And this softness was just from the cleanser…it seems to have a built in moisturizer! I also bought the collegen retinol wrinkle cream and the under eye cream. My face doesn’t feel weighed down with product. It feels super soft and healthy…i love it! Finally a product that doesn’t burn! I bought the 300mg CBD oil as well for my epilepsy so I took some this evening and I will be trying it out twice a day and see how that works as well. My Face Loves you CTFO!!! – Candace Van Nest

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These truly are absolutely outstanding products.

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