Toothache and CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Testimony.

If you’ve ever had pain from  a toothache you’ll want to read this.

Here are more great CBD hemp oil testimonies. Here are some of their stories. Note: we not not claiming CBD Hemp Oil is a cure or treatment for anything. These are simply the stories of these individual people.

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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil results

I just wanted to reach out and let you know the CBD has saved me.

By replacing my painkillers one dose at a time with CBD oil and capsules, I have eliminated all painkillers from the meds I take.
I have even eliminated sleeping pills, anti-depressants and anti-nauseants! I have been using CBD for 3 years now and CTFO is the finest quality.
If you know anyone who is suffering,
I highly recommend taking CBD at night before bed for the best sleep.

*Update: March 21st, 2018
I am now taking 1500 mg and I am actually pain-free. I started the 1500 mg yesterday when the package came in the mail. I was in toothache pain with a chip off below the gumline, unable to eat much.

Then I went on at 4:20 yesterday and promptly forgot all about my toothache. By the time I ate dinner there was no toothache left. There was still pain if I chomped down though. I took one more 1/4 dropper at midnight and went to bed easily and didn’t wake up until morning.

This morning I had to remind myself to take my meds because I wasn’t feeling any symptoms.

I ate breakfast and brushed my teeth and swished a little 1500 mg around the offending tooth and let it sit in my mouth for a few minutes then swallowed it. My pain level at most today has been a slight 2. Usually it goes from at least 2-6. I took 3 – 1/4 droppers today.  Do a google search for CBD and toothaches.

I don’t even feel like I need to take any before bed. I am so relaxed already.

I am so grateful for this medicine. – S. Knutson

Toothache Relief

This morning I posted that I was having HORRENDOUS TOOTHACHE PAIN. Well I’m still trying to focus on my weight loss goals so I got up and I sprayed the CBD weight loss spray under my tongue and instantaneously the pain in my tooth stopped. I have been up crying and praying all night long with this tooth this CTFO weight loss spray with the hemp oil is amazing,

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