CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Home Business Opportunity Our Secret Weapon -Why US?

Note: This is Part 1 of a 2 part series. This is really important to know if you want to leverage your time and having a business that is working for you 24/7 .

As a 23 year veteran of the home business wars ( I use them lightly as this is actually a great fun business) I believe CTFO has the potential to be the talk of the industry over the next year. The thing is it’s not just me I’m working with multiple veterans with more experience than me who have made multiple 6 figure incomes a year. They have left some well known established companies (I won’t name names here) because they too believe there is something special here.

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The Secret Weapon

Here’s the thing though if you really want to succeed in a big way one thing is critical – you must attract others. One thing that makes CTFO special is there is a natural attraction to CBD Hemp Oil right now. That really is our secret weapon.

We have a second secret weapon – it’s the words you (we) use to attract others. You can even call them magic words, whether you use them on the phone an email or in person.  Just changing the words you use and how you say or use them can make a dramatic difference.

And if you decide to join with me and my organization I will teach you how to use them.

Consider this:
The world really is pretty much unfair. Some people work their rear ends off and are just scraping by month to month at a job they hate of for a boss that doesn’t really appreciate them. Than there are others who seem to have found a much better way, These are people who live life on their own terms. They never seem to want for money, yet they only work when they want to, where they want to and with whom they want to.

In addition they have all the free time to do what they want to do, vacation, travel, spend time with kids or grand kids, work for a cause – or spend time on a passion or hobby – to really enjoy life and help others do the same also.

These people have forgotten what it’s like fighting traffic, having to be on a job at
a certain time everyday.

It’s not uncommon for these people to have not one but 2 nice new cars in the
driveway every year.

In almost all these cases these people were at the right place at the right time and capitalized on a hot new product or trend. They weren’t necessarily smarter than others just in many cases you would call them lucky.  Although the one thing they did have was the ability to recognize this new trend and act for you see many others saw  and or were presented the same opportunity and failed to act until it was too late.

Now imagine you being the person who was wise enough to act when he saw this new trend. Now imagine instead you being like the guy who was presented an opportunity failed to act and only imagined what it would be like if only they had taken advantage of the opportunity when they had the chance. Think about this for a minute or two being the first wise person – what would you be doing –  where would you live, where would you vacation, and how often and what would be your passion? This person is living life on their terms

Now think about the second guy who passed on the opportunity – what pain would you experience thinking I could’ve been that successful person? This person is living their life on someone else’s terms.
Which of these scenarios would you prefer?

This ideal scenario exists right now with CTFO  it’s the right product, it’s the right time, your at the right place. How can you be so sure you ask?

Because one I know God brought this to me I’m convinced of that.

Two – I’ve been in this industry 23 years over 20 full time. I’m seeing things that I typically just don’t see from what I would just call average customers – these are not seasoned marketers and yet they are:

  • Ordering on average almost twice the required commission order of $47.47 (Note: on personal referrals you don’t even have to order to earn a 20% commission Order above is to earn on the matrix and others referrals..)
  • Many are ordering multiple times during the month.
  • Many are already referring others on their own without my help.

This is the shear power of this product and opportunity.

Get back to me let’s talk.

Plus I have some great tools I’ll reveal if and when you join me.

Get back to me right away  if interested.

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