CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Work at Home Business Opportunity Secret Weapon

Note: This is Part 2 of a 2 part series. This is really important to know if you want to leverage your time and having a business that is working for you 24/7.  For Part 1 Click Here!

As a 23 year veteran of the home business wars ( I use them lightly as this is actually a great fun business) I believe CTFO has the potential to be the talk of the industry over the next year. The thing is it’s not just me I’m working with multiple veterans with more experience than me who have made multiple 6 figure incomes a year. They have left some well known established companies (I won’t name names here) because they too believe there is something special here.

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Our Secret Weapons

If you really want a business that succeeds in a big way you need a system working for you. Otherwise you are just like an employee.

So as we stated in Part 1 we have a product in CBD hemp oil, which has a natural built in attraction right now. It is so much easier to create a profitable business that works for you if you have an attractive product.

We also touched on what I like to call the Magic Words and how important it is to use them, when communicating with prospects. Another way to look at this is we make ourselves interesting. If you are interesting it means people are interested in you. Think about it like this if you are not interesting people will tune you out before they even find out how good your product is.

Another way to look at this is magic words make us interesting. What most people do and I’ve been guilty of this myself is to communicate to a new prospect. We have the best comp plan and best product and we can get paid 6 different ways and we get paid every week and it’s free to signup, blah, blah. These are features that can be very beneficial, however, only after getting the prospect interested in us or our business.

It would be like this – let’s say you’re on a first date with someone you really cared about and so to try to win them over you talked all about yourself and your accomplishments, in most cases you would boar them to tears and probably wouldn’t get the second date. Once they’re interested in you then these accomplishments are much more interesting to them.

So what are the magic words you might ask that make us interesting. Suffice it to say you’re going to have to join me or one of my people  for the exact scripts.

However, it goes along the lines of what we know people are interested in – most people would like to make more money – they just don’t want to crawl over broken glass and rusty nails to do it. The easier we can make it appear for them to be successful the more successful we will be. They want an easy to follow system that allows them to leverage their time and works for them.

Get back to me let’s talk.

Plus I have some great tools I’ll reveal if and when you join me.

Get back to me right away  if interested.

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