Review A Case for CTFO Pure CBD Hemp Oil Versus Hempwork Part 2

This is Part 2 of a 2 part series. For Part 1 of 2 – Click Here!

They have lost a TON of their market share. At the end of the day competition is healthy. That is why you see a McDonalds on the same road as a Burger King. CBD is certainly heading toward being a BILLION dollar product and there is enough room for everyone to succeed. We wish those who choose Company X success.

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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products
Bottom line, many  associates from Company X have already joined CTFO, and many are in the process of coming over, because the following Top 10 Reasons. And trust me this list could be much larger.
IMPORTANT – In CTFO we are not making money off the backs of others, like the leaders of other companies who know the new guy has little chance of making any significant money.  Our leaders make money GUILT free because they do so by lifting up others who also make money, rather than making money off others.

Note: Reasons 1- 5 are in Part 1 – Click Here!

6. CTFO has Lower Requirements to Maintain Maxing out the Commission plan
– With Company X to maximize the commission you have to buy in at $599 and then continue to order an additional $199 per month.
– With CTFO there is no buy in. Everyone starts the same. The only requirement to maximize your commission is to order $47.74 per month worth of products or have 10 active customers or affiliates and no personal purchase is necessary. CTFO is a no-brainer here.

7. CTFO offers a 60 Day Guarantee. Company X offers a 30 Day Money Back guarantee. Once again a no-brainer.

8. CTFO has a real customer service staff with people answering the phones. CTFO has already hired new employees and will be hiring more down the road. We are moving into a brand new building soon to handle the employee growth. Company X when we last checked does not have anyone that will pick up a phone. No-brainer once again.

9. CTFO does NOT require an autoship. Company X requires a monthly autoship. No-Brainer – are you getting tired of winning yet?

10. CTFO owners only get paid in the compensation plan. The exact same way every other CTFO Associate is. Also, there is a MASSIVE difference in the type of CULTURE of the owners. Simply watch a YouTube video message of a HW owner and you will clearly see this. Of course people resonate with different people.

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