CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products in Kansas and Nebraska

Currently CTFO is not shipping their hemp oil products to Kansas and Nebraska. This is a temporary situation and CTFO hopes to resolve this very shortly.

To those unaware from Kansas or Nebraska or wherever you’re from, the pure CBD hemp oil from CTFO is producing some amazing results with people. If you’re from Kansas or Nebraska contact me here to get more information on when this might be available.

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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products

People have asked me what the reason is the CBD Hemp Oil is unavailable in these two States. What I have been told is it’s the Governors holding things up. I’m not sure how accurate a statement this is.
Just so you know the 1500mg CBD Oil potency in an independent lab analysis measured at 1863 mg so it’s like the equivalent of about 6 of the 300mg bottles. Actually all the potencies were more than listed although the 1500mg was the biggest increase.