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Hello everyone – this CTFO CBD blog post is about business and marketing so if that is not your bag come back in a couple days and we’ll probably have something that interests you.

Another great BUSINESS BUILDING TIP for your CTFO Business. (See below)

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If somebody you know or don’t know, is calling YOU & wanting to share their business with you, to recruit you into their opportunity. Simply say: (NAME) wow, that sounds great, however let me ask you a few questions about your opportunity that are important to me. If the caller says sure go ahead!

YOUR QUESTIONS TO ASK! Just use 3 or 4 of the questions below and there are many more that you may want to add. (Actually you can use many or all of these as bullet points to recruit people you would just change the wording slightly. Like for the first one below say -There is no-charge free enrollment)

  • Do you offer FREE enrollment?
  • Does your biz come with at least 2 FREE websites?
  • Can I promote your product-line and earn a commission without purchasing a single product or spending any money?
  • Does your opportunity offer profit-sharing positions for great recruiters?
  • Is your monthly commission qualification below $50?
  • Do you offer a 60-day empty bottle money back guarantee?
  • If I decide to go on Auto-ship in your biz, do you offer an additional discount on my Auto-ship order?

(NAME), you said NO to all or most of my questions! Give me one reason why I should drop all these benefits, I get from my opportunity I am pursuing, and join you.

I USED THIS APPROACH and it works!

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