CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Business Building Tips

Building your CTFO CBD Business by asking the right questions (Note: This is Part 1 of a 2 Part series).

First understand and apply the following, because we can only become successful in our profession, if we are willing to work as a TEAM!
CTFO is like a team sport, and we want to work TOGETHER:


T = Tolerance of others weakness. (we all have weaknesses)
E = Encouragement of other successes. (we all have those too).
A = Acknowledgement that everyone has something to offer.
M = Mindfulness that we need each other.

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CTFO CBD Oil Autoship

This is the reason why there is no I in Team-work! We can’t build our business by ourselves and expect to leverage time.

Next pick out some qualifying question, I use when I speak with prospects. These questions are in no certain order. I just wrote them out as they came to my mind. You may change them any way you want. Important is that you get the idea of not talking only about CTFO’s products or business.

• How serious do you want to build a business?
• Are you a people person?
• What are some of your Dreams?
• How many hours weekly can you devote to your business?
• How much money are you accustomed to?
• How much income do you need to quit your job?
• Have you ever built a home-based business?
• Are you teachable and can you follow directions?
• Do you take any vitamins/nutrition/ CBD oil? Y / N
• What is your # 1 reason for taking or not taking any?
• What are your strengths?
• What are your weaknesses?
• Do you know of anybody who could use an extra $1000…?
• What are you doing for a living?
• On a scale of 1 to 10 where do you see yourself health-wise?

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