Further Updates of CTFO CBD Hemp Oil in Canada

This is a further update on CTFO CBD Hemp Oil in Canada.

The strategy and plan to once again be selling our Hemp products in Canada is a stepped approach. CTFO has been working with the top Hemp Consultant Compliance Company. We OFFICIALLY have our HEMP foot in the door of Canada.


First, we rCTFO CBD Oil Autoshipeceived approval certification for 15 topical hemp products and they will be available for ordering in Canada Thursday August 30th! They will be available in the Canadian Back office ordering shopping pages.

These products have been especially reformatted for Canada and are not only fully compliant with all required regulations, they are every bit as effective as their US counterparts. AND they all come with a 60-day, empty container, money-back guarantee.

The primary changes were driven by Canadian law. Our industry advisors and legal team, in conjunction with Canadian officials, helped guide us to the following:

The labels will now be dual languages for Canada English and French.

The labels will read “Hemp” because these products come from Hemp Oil and that is what’s required by the Canadian regulations.

The ingestible & pet products are the next step and will be available very, very soon. Stay Tuned

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