More CTFO CBD Oil Pet Testimonials

Here are some more great testimonials about the CTFO CBD Pet Products.

Pet Anxiety Relief
So here’s my baby dog sleeping and resting on his own!
He used to be so hyper/anxious that he would never rest/nap unless I kenneled him.
He gets 5 drops twice a day on his food of the 300mg oil.
He is still a hyper pup as he’s only 2yrs old but now he will relax and rest on his own.

CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products for Pets

Pet Anxiety, Thunderstorm Phobia
Bella is an 80# Pit/Rhodesian Ridgeback, she is 8 years old. Over the last 5 years, she had begun to have great anxiety whenever there is a thunderstorm, which here in Florida…there are a lot of them. []🙁 Bella will get herself so worked up, she would be panting like crazy, shaking so hard I thought she was ready to go into convulsions and all 80# of her trying to get in my lap or under my skin if she could, clawing at me, and getting herself to the point she would vomit.

I just started giving her CBD. (I have the pet treats and the oil)

I gave her just a few drops of the oil down in the side of her mouth (it was easier than I thought, she was panting so hard her mouth was open and it was easy to do) the last two nights when she was freaking out over our good ole’ Florida thunderstorms.

Within about 10 minutes, she was quietly laying on her bed, calm and relaxed but alert. When there would be an extremely loud crack of thunder, she would put her head up, listen, then lay back down. Amazing. Thank you CTFO!

Pet Skin Relief

I am happy to report that Charlies itchy skin is under control with the CTFO CBD pet chews

All drugs seem to come with so many unintended consequences, I much rather care for my sweet Charlie naturally with CBD and it’s actually good for him. I highly recommend trying the Pet Chews, He just Loves them [] [] [] []

I also have the pet oral spray on hand if he starts chewing his feet. Not every day, but it’s nice to have on hand

*Pet Anxiety…Thunderstorm Phobia*

This is Liffey, my 14.5 year old Jack Russell Terrier who has suffered with severe storm phobia and anxiety. I have tried literally everything…with mixed results.

CBD Oil from CTFO has offered her more relief than other other thing tried. This poor girl goes into full panic mode…restless, panting, hiding, shaking, with every storm, and it is so sad to watch her be so frightened. At the first sign of the storm today, she received a few drops of the 1500 CBD oil, and within 15 minutes, she was calm and restful. She now gets 1 pet treat and 2 sprays of the pet wellness spray every morning…

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