CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Simple Talking Points. It’s all About Making Earning Money as Simple as Possible

If you’re serious about making money using the internet you need to read and then re-read this information below.

This is for the little guy as well as the heavy hitter. It’s for the little because it gives them an opportunity to make more money than they’ve ever made in a home business before. It’s also for the heavy hitter as it gives them an opportunity to greatly expand their empire beyond what they could have other wise expected.

CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products Best Home Business Opportunity
Once you’ve located the company with a hot product and rapid ground floor growth like CTFO is experiencing right now, only one thing else really matters. everything else (like follow-up, getting people on conference calls and more) can certainly be important, however, this one thing can fuel your business to new heights and beyond.

What am I talking about here. What is this one thing that is so vitally important to success. If you think about it I’m sure you could come up with the answer yourself. It’s prospects/customers. This is why virtually all businesses advertise.

So rather you’re the little guy or the Heavy Hitter myself and my team can provide you prospects (all you need) in your area to enable your success and that of your team. And they are through the internet initially by the way. (All I will say here is it has to do with my 23 years internet marketing experience)

Now you heavy hitter – you want to go to the really big time -imagine this?
You may have a lot good people in your group, however, one or two generations of people down imagine if those people had plenty of prospects? Think of it like this, instead of having only let’s say 6 – 12 of what I would call A-list networkers under you, what if you had 18- 20.

I believe we can turn your B-and C-list networkers into A-list networkers.
I also expect your B-list and C-list networkers to significantly increase as we turn part timers into people starting to approach a full time income.

B-listers are those networkers coming close to making a full time income. They’re typically earning around $2500 – $3000 per month.

The C-listers are those earning about $1000 or so per month.
Then you have the part timers making several hundred to $500 per month.

So just imagine if you had greatly increased numbers of B-list, C-list and part timers making good income underneath you. Your income would explode.

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