CTFO Announcements Canadian Postal Strike is Over and More

Great news there has been some delays in shipping CTFO CBD oil products to Canada because of the strike by Canadian postal workers.  Well, good news; the strike has ended and packages are being delivered at a normal rate again.

As of noon, Eastern Time 11.27.18, the Canada Post Workers Union is no longer on strike. Canada Post is now working to stabilize operations with a manageable approach across the country. However, because of backlogs, customers can continue to expect delivery delays for the next several weeks.

Once Canada Post receives mail or parcels from customers, it is processing and delivering on a first-in, first-out basis.

As of  11.28.18, all of CTFO orders to Canada have been shipped out, and it’s now up to the shipping company to get it delivered.

Also More – Also you don’t get high on our CBD Hemp Oil unless you use the hemp to make a rope and use it to climb a tree.

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