New CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Updates for January

This CTFO blog post is mainly for those business orienting entrepreneurs who see the tremendous income upside  of CBD Oil.

10xPure CBD Oil Drops

The new website will be available soon. The ordering part of the new website will have a greatly enhanced search feature.

There will be a great training section for new enrollees.

Signup will continue to be free.

There will be faster shipping options – not just for the US but Canada and the UK also.

Also there is a new retail customer program:

We will have a brand new online retail customer program.
– C.B.D is a HOT market for customers
– The difference between the associate wholesale price and the retail price goes directly to the sponsor, PLUS they get compensated 20% of the CV

Customers now have many options. The first option is they can order whatever they like. They do not have to create an account. They do not need to create a username or password. At the time of checkout, they pay retail price.

[Now, at this point, I need to explain to you that what happens at this juncture is they’ll pay retail price. And what happens to your pay; your commission statement is: Not only will you get paid on the 20% of their CV for that order, but you’ll also get the price difference between wholesale and retail pricing. So that’s a pay raise guys!]

The second option is they can choose to become what we call a preferred customer. And that involves filling out a form and creating an account, just like on eBay or Amazon. So they go in and fill out their information and pick a username and password. And at that point they are going to be paying wholesale price instead of retail price, which is a significant savings. As a preferred customer, they can also sign up for the monthly autoship.


The livelihood and success of your business is in direct correlation to how many autoship customers are in your organization.

– There will be a 5% discount on ALL orders, including first time orders and one time orders, by becoming an autoship customer.
– When a new associate goes through the sign up process, before checking out, they are encouraged to save 5% on their order by signing up on autoship.

New Compensation Enhancements

Added Three New Executive Manager Positions:
5k (16 levels of matrix pay)
10k (18 levels of matrix pay)
15k (20 levels of matrix pay)

Added a New Presidential Director Plus Position that pays an addition 1.75% of Infinity Pay  -Went from 6% to 8% into the Top Gun Pool


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