CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Comp Plan and More Explained

The bulk of the this blog post is to explain why the CTFO business compensation plan is so revolutionary. Beyond that you will learn additional reasons why CTFO stands out as an incredible business opportunity and incredible products. Note: Below are some great marketing advantages, however, when you join my team you received even more marketing advantages than what is listed below.

10XPure is the absolute best value in a CBD supplement. It is an exclusive CBD oil which is up to 10 times more potent than regular CBD oil because of revolutionary technology allowing it to be absorbed up to 10 times better into the cells and bloodstream. Making it the best CBD Oil value on the market bar none. Plus it provides us a huge marketing advantage.10xPure CBD Oil Drops

Other marketing advantages:

    • There is no fee to join us others typically charge a fee of $30, $40 or even more.
  • We pay you 20% on personal referrals even if you don’t have a personal order. I don’t know of any other company that pays on personal referrals without a personal order.
  • Only requires a $49.97 (5% less on autoship) purchase per month to earn on all levels. Other companies require much more of a purchase.
  • Our patented comp plan provides you extra profit positions on everyone you enroll after your 1st three. (Enroll 10 get 7 extra profit positions, enroll 100 get 97 extra profit positions, etc) You don’t get this with other companies. So basically you can earn two, three, even four times on the same volume if you enroll enough people.
  • Great wholesale pricing on all products. Plus a 60 day money back guarantee.

If you are interested in making money you need to look at this.

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