CTFO CBD Hemp Oil from a Facebook Post by R. Kalisek

I took this from a a great post I read on our Facebook group. I wanted to share it with you here.

Hemp is a versatile and valuable commodity and has been for thousands of years ­ except for the last 80 or so when it was demonized along with its ‘rock star’ cousin. I’m sure hemp would be highly valuable to Idaho’s agricultural economy. Would our farmers turn their back on the opportunity to grow a new crop that would contribute to making a living?

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

On a personal note, I’ve been using CBD oil from hemp for nearly a year now and will advocate for its use and benefits to anyone. The results I’ve experienced are numerous and undeniable. I will go so far as to say pharmaceutical solutions to one particular issue I’ve faced in my adult life were only marginally effective ­ and brought with them undesirable side effects. Hemp oil is an integral part of my health and well-being regimen. I’ll never go back.

Here’s why ­ I came into this world with an endocannabinoid system. So did you, along with all other vertebrates for that matter. That means we’re all pre-wired to use CBD. It’s all natural ­ we don’t need ‘big pharma’ to synthesize it for us. It is not psychoactive or addictive and has no negative side effects.

The endocannabinoid system works to create homeostasis in every system of the body ­ that’s why people are finding relief from so many issues. CBD is the most universally therapeutic supplement on the planet and should not be under legal restriction beyond any other readily available from a reputable source.

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