CTFO CBD Oil Weight Loss, Hair Growth Reviews and Testimonies

The following are testimonies of people using the CTFO Products.

WEIGHT LOSS AND WEIGHT MANAGEMENT SUCCESS! Chew offs made losing my last 15 pounds a breeze and even helped me surpass my goal of 134 to an unexpected 123! Had me hooked and couldn’t stop sharing my love for these berry chewables with everyone! Perfect way to fight cravings curb appetite, burn fat and maintain regularity. – J. Beaulieu
CTFO Chewoffs for Weight Loss

Weight loss

So thankful I jumped on board with these amazing products. My weight in march was 225 lbs My doctor said wow you don’t look it… But you probably need to loose some weight 😒 I placed my first order of the Cherry Berry Chew Off on April 10, 2018. I wasn’t keeping track because honestly I didn’t think I would loose this much weight in such short time. So as of Aug. 10 I’m 175lbs my Goal is 150~160 I’m one Happy Granny

CTFO Chewoffs for Weight Loss

Results from Hair Growth With Anagain Products

So. That is my husbands head, 1st pic with using only CTFO CBD oil internally, hair started growing a little bit. That day of the picture he started using our New hair regrowth products. He’s using 2 out of the 4!

CTFO Hair growth products with Anagain

Almost 4 weeks later his hair is growing more and one by one starting to fill in. He has been basically bald forever! He is blond and grey so hard to tell on pics, but I see the difference when I buzz his head. We will keep using and posting. So for those with thinning hair and just starting to recede a little, this might be your go to solution. – H Benson

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