Big Advantage with CTFO CBD Oil the GMP Label

One of the biggest advantages we have with CTFO CBD products is that we carry the GMP Certified label. In a nutshell this means you are getting the highest quality product available.

This is an interesting article on how “nano” CBD is misleading the public. We can all be proud to offer CTFO products to the world.

CTFO CBD Oil GMP Certified











“A CBD molecule is a CBD molecule. If you break it up into smaller fragments, it is no longer CBD and will not act like CBD. Adding ‘nano’ in front of the word does not change the molecule itself. Even if a beverage is presented as a nanoemulsion, when the lab adds a solvent as part of their extraction process, this causes the emulsion to break and anything encapsulated in the nanoemulsion will be visible to the lab’s instruments.”

An investigation, bringing 47 CBD products to a third-party laboratory on a mission to find out how much CBD they actually contained. In the shocking results, only about half of the products tested contained within 20% of the CBD that was labeled.

The following article shows how misleading so many CBD products are – so many are simply a rip-off.

Here are some of the results from this article of this independent testing: Multiple independent tests of CBD-infused water have found it frequently contains zero CBD.

A synopsis of the article reveals that you really have to watch out for what you are buying because many companies are taking advantage of consumers by providing inferior products.

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