CTFO CBD Home Business Helping Others Get What They Want

If you’ve worked in a home business anytime at all I’m sure you’ve heard it said
“Help enough people get what they want and you’ll get what you want.”

Every word of that is absolutely 100% true. Here’s the problem with that though,
it’s like a politician running for office who will say anything to get elected.

However, in this case I don’t believe the average home business marketer is
deliberately trying to lie to people. Heck many home business marketers are
not even thinking about this with talking to prospects or potential clients.
Most people are thinking if I’m able to get this person or get my products in
this store, or get this representative marketing my products I’ll make x
amount of money or I’ll qualify for this bonus.

Heck I’ve been guilty of this in the past I think we all have.

Most while perhaps meaning well are not sure what they can do for the other

Let’s break this down: We know some 90% of these other persons would
like to make extra money. I believe the best thing we can do for the other
person is to be able to give them something that gives them the best opportunity
to make the money they desire. This focuses our attention on what can we do
to help that person – to give them a competitive advantage.

Oh this could be you develop your powers of persuasion so you’re able to better
help “Close” their prospect.
Or you’re good at developing phone scripts or email messages, or marketing materials for the other person.

I know many of you are thinking – I don’t know how to do any of that. well sorry –
just kidding. You don’t have to do any of that because I’ve developed a system
using my many years of internet marketing experience that beats the pants off
of scripts and persuasion.

So why is it so effective. Because it’s directly designed and targeted to provide
for the mostly business needs and desires of others. Mostly business oriented
people, however, it gives real leverage to new people who’ve never been in their
own business before so they can be highly effective just starting out.

And the best part is this new person doesn’t have to create anything on their own
to actually help others get what they want.

If you would like to work with us in creating a nice extra income for yourself we would love to work with you.

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CTFO 10xPure Ultimate Multi-Vitamin Mineral Product My Story

I can’t say enough about this amazing product. 10xPure Ultimate Multi-Vitamin Mineral Product

You see I’ve worked with hundreds of health and nutrition products over the past 25 years. Most all of them would be considered very good. I wouldn’t market crap. Millions of dollars in purchases to thousands of customers. I also at one time or another took myself many of those products.

For that reason I was hesitant to take it at first because I was thinking I already have other multi-vitamin products from these other companies,which have kept me pretty healthy for the past 25 years. I figured I didn’t need it – it wouldn’t do much for me.

Boy was I wrong – let me tell you within a week of taking it (I got a bottle in the Platinum Starter Pak I purchased) (only 1 capsule a day instead of the recommended 2 capsules) I feel another level of healthy if that makes sense. Plus more energy, better sleep and it wasn’t like I had trouble sleeping before or felt run down. Plus a lot of other little improvements- I’m quite amazed to be writing this actually.

I really didn’t expect it to make this much of a difference with me, but it has and I feel great.
If you’re taking some other health vitamin product I strongly doubt it compares to this new 10xPure Ultimate Multi-Vitamin Mineral product. I urge you to try it I think you’ll be blown away like I was.

New- 10xPURE ULTIMATE Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement Liquid Soft-Gel. Check out this video on the product.

CTFOs breakthrough 10xPURE patented delivery technology enriched with a synergistic combination of life enhancing nutrients is Changing The Future Outcome of the entire supplement industry.

10xPURE Supercharged oil is the most exciting new ingredient for people exploring opportunities for optimal vitamin & mineral absorption helping you live a more active and healthier life. We start with a logical scientific approach so that each exceptional ingredient is in a compatible form that your body can recognize.

Your body is receiving a synergistic combination of life enhancing nutrients not available in most multivitamins on the market. This includes superior amino acid chelated minerals for optimal absorption, the most biologically active form of folate, as 5-MTHF (also called L-methylfolate) which does not require any additional work by your body to use and supports cardiovascular health, cognitive health, and more; Vitamin K2 as MK4 and MK7 for rapid absorption targeting bone and vascular health and Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin in the form that works synergistically with folate in the brain.

10xPURE plus 23 exceptional ingredients are combined in a science-based formulation utilizing the 10xPURE patented delivery technology because without penetration and absorption of the key ingredients, nutrients would go to waste and potency would be reduced.

10xPURE Vitamin & Mineral Supplement
Doctor Formulated
10xPURE patented delivery oil
23 exceptional vitamins and minerals
Chelated minerals for optimal absorption
Two liquid soft-gels per serving
60 soft-gels per bottle

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