CTFO CBD Home Business Communicating the Right Message

If you are in any kind of sales or home business you need this valuable information.

The typical home business or sales person is trying to sell his
product or business to other. Yet he goes about it half-ass
backwards. They’ll spend there time trying to explain the
benefits of this or that. Question – do you know what this
or that is I’m talking about? Of course you don’t without
knowing what this or that is and I used
that as an illustration because that’s in most cases exactly
what the person these people are trying to sell to thinks.

While they’re selling the person they’re selling to ain’t

This is one of the main keys to this business – this
next sentence is very valuable insight because very few very
know even less exercise this.
You must first understand what a person wants and they know
that you understand them before they will listen to you.

That is why most people have so much trouble – they try to
pitch or sell without first understanding the needs of the
other person.

If you want to learn to listen better here is a simple
3-Step Formula

1. Focus on the other person – A person’s body language says more than their words
2. Ask an opened Clarity Question – Can you explain what you meant by that…
3. Then paraphrase back to them – let me see if I understand you – are you saying…

I’ll leave you with a couple other great tips:

Make someone feel of value – they will want to be around you. If you
practice this it can be the most important thing you do to create a
successful sales or home business. It also works in relationships.

You must feel good to create a good relationship – you must have good
health. If you constantly hurt, or feel run down all the time your
sales and efforts will suffer. You need good quality health and
nutrition products like I have marketed for the last 25 years.

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