CTFO CBD Oil Home Business the Art of Communication

What I do in my home business for many years now is try to find
some deficiency, or problem, anything really that I can use as
a competitive advantage to build my businesses. Something other
people haven’t thought of, largely because they’re not looking,
in essence they’re too narrowly focused to see the forest for
the trees.

I like to take the deficiencies I find in what a small business
may be doing and that enables me to come across as a problem
solver for that person or business. Which enables me or my team
to create a trusted business ally/partner to better build our

One area of concern in this regard is communication, or poor
communication, or lack of communication.

Studies have shown 70% of business mistakes are from poor
communication, and this can cost any small business plenty.

Anywhere from Hundreds to Thousands of dollars a year. All this
could be avoided with good commuication thus greatly increasing
profits and income.

When people work with me I give them tools to help them better
communicate and create unique advantages for themselves.

Effective communication involves listening- stop yourself from
just immediately wanting to say something – count to five if
you have to – make sure you really understand what the other person
is saying.

If you want to learn to listen better here is a simple 3-Step Formula

1. Focus on the other person – A person’s body language and tone of
voice says more than their words
2. Ask an opened Clarity Question – Can you explain what you meant
by that…
3. Then paraphrase back to them – let me see if I understand you –
are you saying…

Also remember to make someone feel extra special today.

And to be the best you can be you must have good
health. If you constantly hurt, or feel run down or the time your
sales and efforts will suffer. You need good quality health and
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