CTFO CBD 10x Pure Simplifying Your Work at Home Business

Are you simplifying the right things in your Business? A lesson learned.

This mainly applies to those in affiliate or direct selling – Network Marketing businesses, however, it can apply to any business.

I sometime back had a revelation – I was endeavoring to simply all aspects of my business to give to affiliates so they had more simplified instructions to be more successful.

Where I was going wrong was trying to simplify all aspects of the business instead of just concentrating on the actual activities that make money.

As a result I was actually complicating the process because including
all the other what I call “noise” or non-income producing activities
were just making the process look more complicated than it needed to be.

This was about creating a system that can greatly boost the little
guy so he or she can make money like the big boys and girls in this

How is it done – this is the meat and potatoes.
The big boys and girls do it by going after their Champion stable of
horses they have met or developed over a number of years. People who
have a network of people themselves that can move a lot of product
and business.

Our goal is to boast the little guy by creating a system that greatly boosts the little guy so he or she can make money like the big boys and girls in this industry.

So what’s the big insight – here’s the big reveal here.

Simple ask questions – a prospect almost always want to make extra money, however, they’re basing their decision on do I think I can do this without totally disrupting my life?

Questions in the form of Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, etc.

Here’s some sample questions:

Step 1 – Can you follow our instructions to use the internet to…?
Step 2 – Can you copy and paste a per-written script to send to the
type of prospects we identify?
Step 3 – Can you pick up the phone and leave a 15 second pre-written
message to prospect?
Step 4 – Can you send a pre-written follow-up message by email or
message to prospect when they respond positively?

If so you can be successful in this home business.

You need good quality health and nutrition products like I have marketed for the last 25 years like the 10xPure ultimate Vitamin below.

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