CTFO CBD 10x Pure Oil Superior Marketing Strategy

A marketing philosophy based on Starbucks and McDonalds.
Or getting people to see the bigger picture.

To those unaware the McDonald Brothers started a great little Hamburger restaurant in San Bernardino, California in 1948. Salesman Ray Kroc saw a bigger picture bought it and turned it into the WorldWide Giant it is today.

The same is true with Starbucks – it was just a little coffee shop in Seattle in 1971 until Howard Schultz sees a much bigger  picture for it buys it and turns it into the giant it is today.

What’s the point here – too often we become so focused on our little space in the world that we can’t see all the opportunity that exists all around us. It usually takes someone with an outside perspective to see opportunities others miss.

Successful people don’t know different things they just see things

My goal in my marketing is to take the power of networking and use it as a recruitment tool to help people create additional profit/income centers.

A huge opportunity exists here for those looking to create a very profitable business from home, because you have a market all to yourself, nobody else is doing this.

This creates a great point of leverage in recruiting those interested in creating a home business, because it gives them a workable system they can do from home utilizing the awesome power of the internet.

I’m not saying to not create a list of your friends and family members. Because now with this powerful system in your back pocket you can feel confident contacting anyone.

A simple script “If I can show you a simple to follow system complete with scripts that allows you to tap into the awesome power of the internet to allow you to create numerous profit centers that work daily for you would you be interested in learning more?”

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