Adding Value Key to Your CTFO CBD 10x Pure Oil Business Success

Value is the Axis around which all transactions revolve around.

Value does one of two things and one of two things only. It either
increases interest in something we want and/or decreases interest in
something we don’t want.

One definition of value is anything that causes a transaction to take place.

This may sound totally obvious, however, to create wealth you must create value. To create wealth in a home business you must attract others, either customers or other distributors or associates . They must believe what you have to offer is more valuable than what they would have to spend in terms of their money,
time and other expense. The more people you attract the more wealth you create. So to attract people you must provide them value in the areas they value most.

There are:
1. People care about the people they love and those relationships.
2. People care about and value their freedom.
3. People care about having more time – time to do the things they want to do not what they have to do.
4. People value security – emotional, financial and physical security.

I believe the best way to approach this is in or through your system you utilize. In other words does your system (scripts, emails, messages, etc.) reveal to prospects that the time they spend in pursuing your business will provide great value in terms of income created vs time spent.

I’ll be quite honest the vast majority of messages, etc I’ve seen for 25 years now do not work very well for the average person.
That’s why I’ve developed a system that works very well for the average person.

If your marketing message can create value for others in these areas above you will create wealth for yourself.
Focus your message on showing others how they can make more money with less time spent so they can create more wealth, health and security for themselves. So they have more time to spend with their loved ones and do the things they wish to do.

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