CTFO 10xPure CBDa Your Best Work at Home Business Strategy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you couldn’t help miss Kobe Bryant his daughter GiGi and 7 others tragically died in a helicopter crash last Sunday.

I bring this up simply to point out something about Kobe and our home business with CTFO. Like Kobe strived to be the very best basketball player and he had no problem being bold about it, I’m here to tell you what we have with CTFO is the best home business out there. And it’s because of the system I’ve developed is second to none. I make no bones about that.

Some businesses talk about oh join my business and I’ll put you in my rotator and direct traffic to you. While some of these people mean well, others I don’t believe do, their system is simply horse hockey. Designed to usually attract the type of people looking to cash in on the lottery. And we all know how many times you win the lottery right. I’ve been a very successful internet marketer for over 24 years now and these type programs will work at first in getting people to join, but then quickly fall apart, when people see a lack of people falling under them and a lack of income.

My system is the best because it focuses on helping others – especially small business people.  There are obvious other factors involved like do you have a hot product. Where is the product/business in its growth curve – are you catching it on its way up or are you too late for the dance.

However, beyond that even if everything else is equal this is simply the best system I believe ever and I’ll tell you why.

It’s a number of different factors

First it starts with a number of factors coming together like no fee to signup or to renew a membership. Fees that are in my opinion selfish on the part of a company, because they keep all this money to themselves.

Second is the comp plan – in this regard its not a binary- don’t get me started on what I think of them – one of the dumbest ideas and totally selfish on the part of the owners. I’ve made good money in a binary before, however, the average and even some very exceptional distributors in most cases get screwed. Usually only very few at the top and the company itself make out.

There is one key ingredient in our comp that without this you wouldn’t have nearly the advantage. And that is this your able to recruit small business people and affiliates and they don’t have to order for themselves to earn commissions on the people they refer. However, and let me be real clear here – the people using this system to recruit these affiliates will need to have a qualifying order of about $50 a month to get paid, one to utilize this system and two to earn money off of the work of these affiliates.

The other key ingredient is these affiliates usually have the ability to recruit a lot of people, which means they can acquire a lot of additional profit positions, which can be very lucrative for them.

However, that just sets us up the system I’ve developed, which focuses on putting a number of small business people marketing in effect for you, because I’ve developed a way to help them in 4 key areas to make more money.

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