Building CTFO CBDa Home Business With The Wisdom of Solomon

When you’ve been marketing and marketing online for going on 25 years you learn many things, you try many things, you come up with all kinds of ideas, both good and bad. You make mistakes, you have high points and low points. But you get to a point where you realize only one thing really matters in the overall scheme of things. And that is helping others.
Of course when you focus on helping others you also create the opportunity to help yourself and your family the most financially.

However, what constantly surprises me the most though is how most people don’t seem to want help. And that becomes my biggest challenge to figure out a way to get those people to realize that I not only can, but want to help them.
In fact this I argue is the biggest challenge all honest marketers face.

Most people tend to be very skeptical, I think many of them think others are just trying to take advantage of them. And quite frankly I can’t in many cases blame them, because there are dishonest people out there and there are also people that while they mean well tend to over promise and under deliver.

Like many of you I’ve had self doubts, which had held me back before in many various ways in business and my personal life.

I’ve since learned since getting older that having self-doubt is mostly a waste of time. Self doubt often results in inaction and inaction results in missed opportunities. Fortune favors the bold.

Marketing involves a lot of deliberation. I remember in the Bible that God basically granted Solomon one wish and because he unselfishly wished for wisdom to govern the people of Israel instead of riches or fame for himself God granted him those things also.

The lesson to learn here in our marketing is to focus and pray for the wisdom
and ability to help others and success will come our way.

That is why I’ve developed the marketing system I have which goes to great lengths to help and benefit others.
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