Must Watch New CTFO 10xPure CBDa Gold Video

The following Simply Must Watch Video is a great New video which further discusses 10xPure and and Especially 10xPure Gold with CBDa. Listen especially closely around the 10 minute mark.

In Video above David D’Arcangelo explains the latest 10xPURE science uncovered over the last 6 months that could shake the entire CBD industry! Pay close attention to slide 10. Webinar length is approximately 13 minutes.

First, we know there is NO CBD in the hemp plant. There are the acid forms such as CBDa. The facts are that the acid forms of CBD, such as CBDa, are unstable. That means that the acid form after processing, heat and time drops the acid(a) and becomes CBD. Everyone wants to stabilize the acids such as CBDa because there is a published study on CBDa and its positive impact on pain and inflammation. There is emerging science that makes a case that CBDa is 1000 times better than CBD for nausea and anxiety. The problem: CBDa is unstable and converts to CBD in the bottle after bottling and before the customer uses it.

At CTFO we have found 10xPURE to be an exciting solution to protecting the CBDa, so you get what you pay for. We have previously released a paper on this topic, it is available for you to read in the documentation area of our website. We will soon be releasing another paper in which we’ll be comparing the original lab tests of one of our 10xPURE products to lab tests taken after being in the bottle for 6 months, paying specific attention to the CBDa content. We compared the CBDa potency when we bottled it initially and then six months later.

These are exciting times and the future is bright for CTFO Associates. We believe we are 3 years ahead of the industry and strive to be bring cutting edge products that deliver real results. Don’t ask for CBD. Demand 10xPURE.

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