CTFO Work at Home Business Great Uncertainty Breeds a Great Opportunity.

With great uncertainty there is also great opportunity.

There is so much happening right now – so much uncertainty so much unknown, so many people afraid of what’s coming next.

I’m not trying to downplay any of this, however, I did see some very encouraging news last night – some people were forecasting with their original models that there would be a 3-4 % death rate from the virus.

Some very believable experts are now saying it’s more like 0.1 to 0..4 % or at least 10 times less, which puts it about like the flu which is typically 0.1 % for most flus.
Any death is still unfortunate, however, this is very good news.

I will say this though where there is great uncertainty there is also great opportunity. Some people will use it for evil, however, it can be used for great good also.

So here’s what I’m getting at here? – The small business world is in some real turmoil right now with a lot of uncertainty. Businesses don’t like uncertainty you can’t plan very well with a lot of uncertainty.

This however, gives us a great opportunity to capitalize on what I believe is the next huge trend in direct sales – network marketing.

Catering to small businesses.

Now how is this different to what most people do?
Well what most people do is marry themselves to a particular company and then try to push the products from that company on others and small businesses regardless of the fit.

What I propose and what my program does is to first try to do something for the small business to develop a relationship with them first. To show them that myself and my team can be a valuable asset to them in a variety of ways.

This then allows me to promote the products from my network marketing- direct sales company through their business provided I have the right comp plan to take advantage of this.

What we are effectively doing is creating a great distribution channel for our products. Exactly what other businesses do when they move their products through distribution giants like Walmart. Just we do it on a much smaller scale without all the other hassles those businesses must endure..

This also gives myself and my team great flexibility, in the event our Direct Sales company develops problems we are able to move our business elsewhere to align with another network company.

Or if there happens to be another company with other products the small business might find valuable to their customers and clients we can create another source of revenue for ourselves and the small business with no real additional work.
Provided the comp plan of this other company is such that it makes this possible.

Bottom Line Summary:

I have developed a complete virtually turnkey system starting in the fall of last year that provides complete instructions and more on:

  • How to locate these businesses and individuals.
  • How to approach and contact them.
  • What to say to them in the initial contact to get them to respond positively.
    (I have pre-written messages and emails)
  • What to say in an initial voice message.
    (I have pre-written scripts)
  • What to send them in the follow up to their initial interest.
    (I have pre-written messages and emails)

And you don’t even need to leave your home to do any of
this. And most can be done through the internet.

Get back to me for more details on getting started.

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CTFO CoronaVirus A perfect storm of events creates an unprecedented opportunity.

CoronaVirus A perfect storm of events creates an unprecedented opportunity.

Nobody reading this asked for this Corona Virus, however we can make
lemonade out of it.

Let me explain> Let’s examine all our variables here.

We have many people either being asked to work from home or are
being laid off.
We have many small businesses being greatly impacted right now.
They’re faced with several options:
1. – Going out of business.
2. – Having to lay people off.
3. – Unable to pay rent or bills.

Plus with many of these small businesses how many of their customers
will be back when all of this is over? This also is a major concern of all
these people. Or will their customers spend as much as previously?
This is also another concern of theirs.

As someone who has worked from home for over 22 years I know how to
create income not going into a job everyday.

And I want to help.
I have been working on a complete system to target and assist these
small businesses since way before this virus hit. Talk about timing – this
helps so many people.

Please get back to me if you’re interested in making money from home
with this system.

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