CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products for Pets Dogs and Cats

Besides the great CBD oil products, which can be given to pets, CTFO has some excellent CBD products just for pets.

This is why CBD is such a great product producing such great results because it’s as if it was made just for humans and pets in this case.

Humans and other mammals have endocannabinoid systems, specific cannabinoid receptor sites located primarily within the brain. central nervous system and peripheral organs, especially the immune cells. The endocannabinoid system has been found in our vertebrates. CBD interacts in a similar way in pets. as it does with humans. therefore it can be used to treat similar conditions. CBD has less than. 03% THC and has no psychoactive properties.

The CTFO CBD pet products help pets that have separation anxiety, social anxiety, fear of thunderstroms, or long distance traveling. It is great for post-surgery recovery since it aids with swelling, pain, and stiffness, as well as bone breaks, torn ligaments and strains.

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CBD Pet Health And Wellness Oral Spray (8ml)
An easy-to-administer spray that promotes daily health & wellness in your pets. Can help treat a variety of problems. Helps with loss of appetite, nausea. Helps to manage mood, anxiety & general joint pain. Does not interact with other medications. Perfect for healthy, happy pets. Spray directly into your pet’s mouth or on food. For pets under 25lbs. use 2 sprays. For pets over 25lbs. use 4 sprays.

CBD Natural Flavor Pet Spray – 100mg (this is a larger size version of the spray above)
This mildly flavored spray can be easily added to pet food or treats as a daily supplement to help manage stress or pain. Shake well before each use. For pets <25 lbs, use 2 sprays. For pets >25 lbs. use 4 sprays.

CBD Natural Flavor Pet Drops – 250mg (This is CBD Oil in drops for your dog, cat or other pet)

There are also Pet Chew Treats and a CBD shampoo.

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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products

More News- The New Tincture products are now available – even though the CBD products don’t have enough THC to make you high or register in your system the new tincture products have zero THC.

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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Testimonies Reviews Pets

Here are more great CBD hemp oil testimonies, this is about Pets. Note: we not not claiming CBD Hemp Oil is a cure or treatment for anything. These are simply the stories of these individual people.

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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products


This was my Sophia just before we started giving her one dose a day of CBD oil.  She was having little issues called – Fly Biting .
After only 3 days she stopped completely. We have been using CBD oil now for 7 weeks.  I’m amazed at the difference. It really works! -C. Lacharite

My dog had these types of seizures too except she was chasing them. You couldn’t get her to calm down. So weird. She didn’t’ start doing it until I had put her on tranquilizers (she broke her leg in 3 places, was 8 years old and spastic, so I needed to do something) and it screwed her up. Took her off and we would still have some weird episodes, but don’t have any issues now since she’s been on the oil. She’s doing great! –  M. Henry

Golden Retriever

My dog Huckleberry (Huck) has been on the hemp oil drops for a couple months now and he has more energy and more playful.  – G. Winstead Georgia


These truly are the best products on the market.

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