CTFO CBD Oil Pet Products Great Testimonial

This is a great story about the CTFO CBD Pet products and  a dog.

CTFO CBD Oil Pet Products Great Testimonial

“This is Belle. I brought Belle home after I met her in the parking lot of a local grocery store (my mom had just rescued her). She was five months old. She just hopped in and didn’t want to get out. I had NO IDEA what I was getting into. I had NO idea the struggle between love and frustration I was about to experience. The amount of items she would chew or throw up on. Or even how often she would not have a solid bowel movement.

She had the most intense fear of being alone, of any dog I’ve ever experienced. Every single time she ate she threw up. We tried feeding her 3 times a day (small amounts), took her to the vet, did stool samples, raw food diet, special food, wet food, digestive enzymes, you name it and it was exhausting.

Her anxiety was so bad she ate a dog door off the door, she ripped two screen doors off, destroyed the garage (multiple times), ate a wine bottle, you name it she did it. Our lives were full of just pure chaos, and heartbreak. We couldn’t fix our girl and we felt hopeless.

Well, We started her on these CTFO CBD treats a year ago. She gets two a day, on bad days she gets 4. She’s gone from 57 pounds soaking wet a year ago (left photo) to 81 pounds, healthy and happy (right photo). She is a completely different dog. She is happy, no more fear of being left, just excitement, no throwing up, she has solid bowel movements, no chewing. Her hair has grown back, it isn’t brittle, it’s so soft! It’s not breaking off and her tail is long, fluffy, full and beautiful. She is relaxed, happy and healthy. ♥️ We swear by these treats they’ve changed our life and more importantly HERS.” – Kate Wiebelhaus

CTFO CBD Oil Pet Products Great Testimonial

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