CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Oral Spray Products for Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Sleep, Stress.

CTFO has developed some great oral spray products for pain relief, weight-loss, improved sleep, anti-stress support, and increased energy and mental focus.

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Let’s check them out below:

CBD Hemp Oil Pain Relief Oral Spray  – Infused with natural properties of CBD, this spray is great for those experiencing pain caused by tension, canker sores or other types of ailments such as nausea.

Pure Hemp CBD Oil Weight Loss Oral Spray – Our Daily Weight Loss Oral Spray helps to control the appetite and increase metabolism, while promoting fat loss with muscle sparing results.

Pure Hemp CBD Energy Blast and Focus Oral Spray – Our Energy Blast & Focus Spray is designed to help you focus throughout the day without crashing. A healthier alternative coffee or energy drinks, our formula contains a blend of Vitamins B-12, A & D to promote optimum energy.

Pure Hemp CBD Sleep Support Oral Spray – Our Sleep Support Spray is combined with a special blend of CBD, Melatonin and specially selected nutrients to help promote long, deep and restful sleep.

Pure Hemp CBD Anti-Stress & Relaxation Oral Spray – Our Anti-Stress Relaxation Oral Spray is designed to calm the body and promote relaxation. Our formulation is infused with a blend of CBD and specifically selected organic ingredients to help stimulate relaxation in the body and brain, while also helping to dissipate stress.

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CTFO Hemp Oil (CBD) Reviews and Testimonies

Here are a few of the many CBD stories and testimonies I can write about. Because others make references to certain claims I can’t publish them here.

Nick M.:”About a week ago my wife carried our 10 month old grandson to the emergency room due to the flu. She had to go back to her vehicle in the parking lot to retrieve some papers and since it was dark, she tripped and fell onto a concrete parking barrier. She then had to be helped into emergency herself but declined treatment. When she arrived home she could barely breathe because of cracked ribs. That day our first order of 500 mg. CBD oil and a jar of CTFO deep healing pain cream with emu oil arrived. She applied the cream topically and took some drops of the oil orally. Within one hour the pain was subsided and now as long as she treats herself every six hours, there is little to no pain. Since I have had cracked ribs on two occasions, I know firsthand how excruciating the pain can be. Thank goodness for CTFO and it’s wonderful products. The little boy is fine also.

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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Michael J Fox


… I also have been recently getting numbness in my arms & legs and shoulders & neck aching in the morning & during the night where I get next to nothing for sleep.

Since I started taking the CBD OIL, it has helped for all those aches & pains & numbness!! From a 10 down to 2. So a lot better than it was before!! I am on the 750mg strength & it also helps curve my cravings for a cigarette completely!!! Last night before falling asleep I could actually feel circulation going through my arms, legs, neck, back & forehead too!!! It actually felt neat!! I couldn’t believe it!! My breathing feels better too!!

As for the Energy Spray- I have a lot more Energy than I did before!!! Can do more things now!! Before I would get tired during the day and need a nap.
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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Poised for Big Success

I have been marketing nutritional products for 23 years now and have had great success with many of them. I also don’t mind admitting I have been wrong on more than one occasion thinking a product would do very well only to see very little interest in it.

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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products


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That said there is a relatively new product that well not totally new has flown under the radar up until now.

You could say it’s a virtually new category of health product – hemp oil.

From an historical perspective when a new category of product first hits the market in a big way (products like Noni juice, Goji juice) sales skyrocketed and millionaires were created.

I honestly don’t know if the CTFO Hemp Oils will be the next big thing,  however, it sure has a lot going for it that point in that direction.

Things like:

1. Many numerous health benefits and results in a number of different areas.

2. The product is much more affordable than other business opportunities – in many cases about 1/3 the cost.

3. It’s free – there is no charge to become a representative or customer.

4. They have the most potent best value hemp oil.

5. They also have a line of hemp oil skincare products – you know what a big business skincare is and these are some of the very first CBD hemp oil skincare products.

6. Oh one more thing – Perfect Ground Floor Timing – This product only started shipping to customers on January 24, 2018 less than a week ago.
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Most Potent CBD Hemp Oil Wholesale Price Comparison

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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products
Other companies like HempWorx also have the best CBD product like CTFO, however as you shall see below CTFO has the best pricing on the same quality product. (Both companies products come from the same source as of the date of this post Jan 26, 2018 – pricing as of this date – pricing subject to change in the future obviously.)

Price Comparison CTFO versus HempWorx Hemp Oil Products
Product HempWork CTFO Price Savings
500 mg Hemp Oil Drops $69 $59.97 Save $9.03 with CTFO
750 mg Hemp Oil Drops $89 $69.97 Save $19.03 with CTFO
CBD Pain Cream 1oz $69 $34.97 Save $34.03 with CTFO
CBD Pain Cream 2oz $138 $49.97 Save $88.03 with CTFO
CBD Anti Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells $69 $39.97 Save $29.03 with CTFO
CBD Cream with Collagen and Retinol $69 $36.97 Save $32.03 with CTFO

As you can see CTFO has the purest, most potent and best price on CBD Hemp Oil products.

Plus you can save even more money in a couple other ways as:

First: CTFO offers a very potent 1500mg version at a great price so even if another company offers a multiple bottle pak you can still save money by getting the more potent 1500mg as you get more CBD for the money. It’s like the best price per ounce on a product at the grocery store.

Second: CTFO also offers 3 paks of each of their 4 different potency products saving you even more money. For example you can save over buying individual bottles.

CBD Oil Drops 300mg Potency 3-Pack Save $20
CBD Oil Drops 500mg Potency 3-Pack Save $30
CBD Oil Drops 750mg Potency 3-Pack Save $40
CBD Oil Drops 1500mg Potency 3-Pack Save $50

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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products Now Available to Order

CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products are now available to order. Plus you can register to order these products at the best preferred customer price for free. Click Here!
CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products
CTFO CBD Hemp Oil products are the highest quality, and some of the lowest price CBD products on the market.

We source our hemp from Industrial Hemp Farms that produce some of the richest, Medicinal CBD Hemp in the USA. Our CBD is completely isolated through CO2 extraction and crystal precipitation and is of the highest grade, pesticide free, Non GMO Hemp in he world. These Industrial Hemp Farms are fully compliant with the State Department of Agriculture regulations and are large US distributors of Medicinal Hemp, rich in CBD, CBG, CBC and CBM.

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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products Home Business Opportunity

There is  a huge opportunity to make money with the CTFO CBD hemp oil products.

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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products

A good friend of mine spoke over the weekend to  the World
Renown Dr Earl Mindell (author of the Vitamin Bible).
Dr Mindell recently wrote a book about this CBD substance.
He says it will produce more health results than Goji Juice
ever did and he was the  one person most responsible for
bringing Goji Juice to the market. He should know what he’s talking about.
Actually the testimonials I have seen already are pretty amazing.
When a product produces this kind of results it takes on a
life of its own and grows like crazy. I saw people who had
never had any previous success greatly succeed with Goji
Juice because of results and timing – we have both here.


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