CTFO’s 10xPURE™ CBD Patented Delivery Technology

In 2021, get ready to hear a ton more about CTFO’s breakthrough “10xPURE™ patented delivery technology” and how it sets CTFO apart from all competition.

Two years ago, CTFO’s first step in the game was CBD  since then has added 10xPure to a Multivitamin, Hand Sanitizer, and soon Coffee.

 Watch this short Video Below on CTFO CBDa.

CTFO will continue to add to many other products


If you only get 10% of what you take, you are wasting 90%.
If you get 100%, you are ten times better.

10x Pure is a revolutionary way to deliver products, ingredients, and CBD molecules to the body using 10x supercharged oxygenated oil.

The 10X Pure process removes the molecule’s membrane to create a covalent (molecular) bond. It helps ingredients get to their destination like no other product on the market.

It is hydrophilic, making it easily absorbed into the body. Since water is the main constituent of blood, the 10x Pure process allows us to transport natural products throughout the bloodstream. By Bio-availability, we mean, “The amount of a substance that enters the bloodstream when introduced into the body and so can have an active effect.” This results in increased absorption and potency!

Supercharged oxygenated 10xPure LOVES water and mixes well with it.

In lamen’s terms, it gets the IMPORTANT Stuff into the body where it needs it the most!

 10xPure has HEALING & THERAPEUTIC values all by itself.

The three main elements that make up 10xPure Oil are Lauric Acid, Caprylic Acid, and Frankincense.

– Lauric Acid acts as a Natural Antimicrobial are used for the flu, common cold, bronchitis, etc.

– Caprylic Acid is a fatty acid with potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s used for skin conditions, digestive disorders, and high cholesterol.

-Frankincense is great for asthma, arthritis, as well as gut and oral health

10xPURE process makes oil Oxygenated. You are delivering Oxygen to your cells, which on its own, has terrific health benefits. There is a ton of science in this area of Oxygenation. Do a Google Search “2019 Noble Prize in Medicine Oxygen in your Cells”, you will be blown away


10xPure Multivitamin – optimal vitamin & mineral absorption helping you live a more active and healthier life

10xPure Liquid Glove Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer not only kills germs on contact but also provides a sanitary protection barrier that lasts longer than regular hand sanitizers.

10xPURE-GOLD CBDa Muscle & Joint Relief Cream support the delivery to the targeted area with CBD, CBDa, Emu oil, Menthol, and Camphor for fast relief.

10xPURE™-GOLD SUPER 1000mg – specially formulated for EXTRA-STRENGTH RELIEF that retains the crucial acid form “a” in CBD.

10x Pure Coffee – will help get antioxidants into your body. It helps deliver caffeine into your cells. 10xPURE Coffee defines a new era of a more water-soluble “caffeine from coffee, stretching your mental and physical capabilities to new limits! It defines a new era of a “caffeine burst of energy.”

Check out the new CelluVie Glutathione Antioxidant Precursor

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CTFO Announcements Celluvie Glutathione Precursor, 10xPure Liquid Glove More

CTFO Cares
Celluvie is an amazing product. I have been using it for 5 days down and have been very impressed with it so far. I’m anxious to see how I feel after 60 days or more taking it.

CELLUVie® acts as a precursor, a chemical reaction that produces another compound, supporting the increase of intracellular glutathione, which helps regulate the immune system, protects against radiation, is a primary antioxidant and detoxifies cells.
Celluvie Glutathione Precursor
It is backed by 20 years of research!

Slow down the aging process, increase youthful energy, and delay skin aging from the inside. The proprietary process enhances the balance of specific peptides formulated with the vital role of protecting cells, tissues, and organs from premature aging.

 10xPURE Liquid Glove Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

This fantastic product is now LIVE and available to order!!
 10xPURE Liquid Glove Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer
The best part is, there are over 40 uses per bottle for only $19.97!

Order multiple bottles to save on shipping.

Please note: This product kills germs on contact. We do not make any specific claims about how long the germ-killing power lasts.

  How Pandemic Inpacted the CBD business

The state of the $10 billion CBD business, why it will grow to $15 billion by year-end 2020, and why we need to teach people the phrase, “DON’T ASK FOR CBD, DEMAND 10xPURE!”

In this content-rich webinar, David explained why our 10xPURE -GOLD Super 1000 and 10xPURE Full Spectrum are first-mover advantage products designed to deliver results sooner and with higher potency than any other CBD products on the market.

Did you know that NO other company that we know of has stabilized the acid forms of cannabinoids such as CBDa or CBGa like we have with 10xPURE?

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New CTFO Products CelluVie and 10xPure Liquid Glove Hand Sanitizer

Several great pieces of great news here. First CTFO has released a new Immune Essentials Combo Pack. This is a great savings – save $40 on two great products. It contains one each of the Super7 Immune Booster and one of the 10XPure Ultimate Multi-Vitamin. Get this pack for $59.97 save $40 over buying both separately.
CTFO Immune Essentials Combo Pack

Also the new 10XPure Liquid Glove Hand Sanitizer is also now available and shipping.

CTFO 10XPure Liquid Glove

Also the awesome new CelluVie Glutathione Product is now available and Shipping.

Also there is a Complete Immune Combo Package of 4 products now available.

CTFO Complete Immune Combo Pack

It contains one each of the Super7 Immune Booster ,the 10XPure Ultimate Multi-Vitamin, the CelluVie Glutathione Product,  and one of the 10XPure Super Gold 1000 with CBDa.  Just another way to save money right now.

Your tomorrow is determined by the health of your cells TODAY.

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CTFO 10xPure Liquid Glove Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

CTFO will soon be launching a new product that everyone on this planet will need. It is incredibly timely in today’s environment, and it is unique and beneficial. Look for it here on May 12th.

CTFO 10xPure Liquid Glove

It’s $19.95 for 400 uses (That’s a nickel per use)

10xPure Liquid Glove Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer.

  • Kills 99.9% Germs on Contact
  • It dries in seconds and feels like an invisible glove for hours. The 10xPure makes your hands feel Silky Smooth.
  • Can also be used on any surface
  • 10xPure is a Supercharged Oxygenated Fermented Oil that is an Exposed Molecule which creates a protective barrier while moisturizing your hands at the same time. It does not replace wearing gloves if the CDC is recommending you wear gloves.
  • Ships to ALL 25 Countries that CTFO is open in.
  • Exclusive product, no other company has what we do.
  • The mist spray is convenient and covers the entire hand
  • 8 Ounce Bottle Only $19.97 for 400 uses
  • Exclusive product, no other company has what we do.
  • Researching what other MLM’s are doing, I found a basic Alcohol & Aloe Vera product for $19.99 and only 50 uses. We have 8 times as many uses for same price and ours includes 10xPure.

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