CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Updates

This just shows how hot CTFO and CBD oil have become.

CTFO is now using TWO BRAND NEW Label Companies. Going forward this will help with eliminating any back orders. The previous label company just could not handle our growth. The shipping company, which was waiting for labels, should be caught up on ALL orders any day. Thanks for everyone’s patience.

10xPure CBD Oil Drops
THC Update: When CTFO first launched CBD they started with Full Spectrum that contained the legal amount of less than .3% THC. Even though it was highly unlikely that a person would fail a test showing THC, they decided to add an Isolate line that contained 0% THC.

The last batches of both Full Spectrum and Isolate had 0% THC.

The company got some push back from people saying that you can’t have a true Full Spectrum CBD Oil without at least some small traces of THC in it. Even though research shows this is not the case. It simply created a lot of confusion. So CTFO at this time has decided the direction they wanted to go into the future was back to including a trace amount of THC.

Moving forward, CTFO will be targeting to have even less than the .2% (the maximum in USA is .3%) in their full spectrum The reason is this will be universal for other countries where their THC threshold is less than .2%

Currently the 500mg 10xPure has very small amounts of THC, where the 1500mg does not. CTFO is are trying to be as consistent as possible, but these are products that are made from natural ingredients, with a natural refining process, not something made synthetically in a lab. Since the plant based ingredients will slightly vary from plant to plant, so will each batch of oil.

Remember  the 10xPure 500mg lab showed 0.02%. The level we need to stay under is 0.3% so this is less than 1/10th of the legal limit.

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