CTFO Hemp Oil (CBD) Reviews and Testimonies

Here are a few of the many CBD stories and testimonies I can write about. Because others make references to certain claims I can’t publish them here.

Nick M.:”About a week ago my wife carried our 10 month old grandson to the emergency room due to the flu. She had to go back to her vehicle in the parking lot to retrieve some papers and since it was dark, she tripped and fell onto a concrete parking barrier. She then had to be helped into emergency herself but declined treatment. When she arrived home she could barely breathe because of cracked ribs. That day our first order of 500 mg. CBD oil and a jar of CTFO deep healing pain cream with emu oil arrived. She applied the cream topically and took some drops of the oil orally. Within one hour the pain was subsided and now as long as she treats herself every six hours, there is little to no pain. Since I have had cracked ribs on two occasions, I know firsthand how excruciating the pain can be. Thank goodness for CTFO and it’s wonderful products. The little boy is fine also.

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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Michael J Fox


… I also have been recently getting numbness in my arms & legs and shoulders & neck aching in the morning & during the night where I get next to nothing for sleep.

Since I started taking the CBD OIL, it has helped for all those aches & pains & numbness!! From a 10 down to 2. So a lot better than it was before!! I am on the 750mg strength & it also helps curve my cravings for a cigarette completely!!! Last night before falling asleep I could actually feel circulation going through my arms, legs, neck, back & forehead too!!! It actually felt neat!! I couldn’t believe it!! My breathing feels better too!!

As for the Energy Spray- I have a lot more Energy than I did before!!! Can do more things now!! Before I would get tired during the day and need a nap.
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