CTFO Shipping Info on New Exfoliator, Bliss and 10xPure Gold Coffee with CBDa

Great news: Following is what CTFO is being told by the shipping companies for the new products:

CBGa Bliss -will be shipping this week. YEAH !!

The Exfoliator -will be shipping next week. BOOM !!

10xPure CBDa Coffee & 10xPure Vanilla Latte & 10xPure Coffee – will be shipped the week after next.

CTFO is not holding up Shipping while it waits on the products. For example, if someone ordered CBGa Bliss, Coffee & Exfoliator., each product will ship as soon as it comes into the CTFO warehouse. In this example, this week, the CBGa Bliss is shipped.
And as soon as the other products come in, they are shipped immediately. Even though CTFO could not control how Covid impacted the manufacturer’s staff, ingredient suppliers, labeling companies have to temporarily shut down, shipping delays, etc, they are covering the extra cost for the multiple shipments. We are blessed to have such caring founders.

Check out this video on the remarkable 10xPURE-GOLD CBDa Relief Cream for Muscle & Joint Relief Cream:

This product is available in Individual Packets like the image above and in a Roll-On.

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Building CTFO CBDa Home Business With The Wisdom of Solomon

When you’ve been marketing and marketing online for going on 25 years you learn many things, you try many things, you come up with all kinds of ideas, both good and bad. You make mistakes, you have high points and low points. But you get to a point where you realize only one thing really matters in the overall scheme of things. And that is helping others.
Of course when you focus on helping others you also create the opportunity to help yourself and your family the most financially.

However, what constantly surprises me the most though is how most people don’t seem to want help. And that becomes my biggest challenge to figure out a way to get those people to realize that I not only can, but want to help them.
In fact this I argue is the biggest challenge all honest marketers face.

Most people tend to be very skeptical, I think many of them think others are just trying to take advantage of them. And quite frankly I can’t in many cases blame them, because there are dishonest people out there and there are also people that while they mean well tend to over promise and under deliver.

Like many of you I’ve had self doubts, which had held me back before in many various ways in business and my personal life.

I’ve since learned since getting older that having self-doubt is mostly a waste of time. Self doubt often results in inaction and inaction results in missed opportunities. Fortune favors the bold.

Marketing involves a lot of deliberation. I remember in the Bible that God basically granted Solomon one wish and because he unselfishly wished for wisdom to govern the people of Israel instead of riches or fame for himself God granted him those things also.

The lesson to learn here in our marketing is to focus and pray for the wisdom
and ability to help others and success will come our way.

That is why I’ve developed the marketing system I have which goes to great lengths to help and benefit others.
You really should check it out in my other videos on Facebook.

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CTFO 10xPure CBD and CBDa Work at Home Business Strategy

You want to make money in a home business or any business for that matter.
Forget about anything you’ve ever done on the past regardless of how well or poorly you have done, I can virtually guarantee you will exceed anything you’ve done in the past. In fact you may greatly exceed what you’ve done before, if you follow our plan. Which quite frankly is really pretty simple to do.

Here is what we do for you that no one else that I’m aware of is doing.

Check out our Video Below

Obviously in starting this business or any type of business it’s always wise to talk to people you know. Your family, friends, neighbors, etc and quite frankly I recommend you do the same, however, consider this, wouldn’t you love to have a Chiropractor or other small business person moving product for you. In a previous business going back a number of years I had a Chiropractor move over $6000 a month through his practice. Who out there wouldn’t love to have someone like this. Heck even if they were only moving $1000 a month, which isn’t that much for many small businesses and you had any where from 20 to a 100 of these – well that would be pretty sweet I think you would agree.

Now back to your friends, family, neighbors, etc. From past experience I’ve found if you give your friends, family, etc a track to run on that makes sense to them they are in most all cases very interested.

So here’s the system we have – it’s geared to go after small businesses using the power of the internet.

Okay as you may know it’s one thing to target someone or a particular group of people, it’s another thing to actually get them interested.

That my friend is where we excel. And how do we excel? By appealing to what
these small business people want.

If you’ve never been totally dependent on your business income like I have than you wouldn’t understand this. These small business people always have concerns in the back of their mind. They worry about losing sales and income to the internet, or to their competitors down the street or the big box stores.

They want any advantage they can grab a hold of either to maintain their income or increase it. And I believe we can provide them those advantages like no one else.

Because we know almost exactly what they want and we have a very workable plan to give it to them.

These wants can be broken down into 4 main items:

1. We know they want more raving testimonials from happy customers.
2. We know they want more loyal customers who come back on a regular basis.
3. We know they want more referrals to their business.
4. If they happen to be a service type business they also want increased tip income.

So the only question left is are we able to provide them enough convincing evidence to sway them to work with us.

Here is how we go about it.

We use proven physiological triggers to first get them to like us. People like to do business with those they like.

Part of this is through our thorough knowledge of customer service and showing them how to increase customer satisfaction through enhanced customer service, which helps them in the 4 areas above.

Next we show the business person some easy to implement internet marketing techniques that can not only bring in additional client/customers, but also help them in the 4 areas we talk about above.

We show them easy to implement strategies that allow the business person to generate additional revenue by creating additional sales without hardly even trying.
The customer/client initiates the interest in the product, making them much more likely to buy.

Plus some when they see our system will not only market our products in their own shop but will want to also recruit other shops like theirs around the country as they see the huge profit potential in this.

Before you start thinking I don’t know how to do any of this – no problem.
We provide you all the scripts, messages, what to do and say – its all laid out for you.
Also we provide complete instructions on how to locate them and how to contact them on the internet.

So with this in your back pocket you can recruit your friends, family, etc and together go out and bring in these small business people with my help and our team help – we will succeed big time as a team. Get back to me right away with any questions and for additional details on getting started.

One more thing if you decide to go forward with this you will learn some very valuable techniques that make you very valuable to others.

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CTFO 10xPure CBDa Oil Info and Video

This is a very good video that contains some very powerful info about the CTFO 10xPure Super Gold Product with CBDa.

David D’Arcangelo talks about CBDa.

In a nut shell, 10x Pure is a revolutionary way to deliver broad spectrum CBD molecules / oil to the body by using 10x supercharged oxygenated oil.

In a nut shell, 10x Pure is a revolutionary way to deliver broad spectrum CBD molecules / oil to the body by using 10x supercharged oxygenated oil. CBD Oil consists of cannabinoids which are NOT water soluble. The process of using Nano technology to assist in making the oil water soluble, offered by competitors, “chops” the molecules of CBD. This actually damages the molecules.

CTFO 10xPure 1500mg CBD Oil

10xPure Super Gold 1000 CBDa Oil – More Information Click Here!

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CTFO 10xPure Gold CBD Roll On with CBDa

10xPURE Gold Roll-On Enriched with CBDa -Muscle & Joint Relief – an amazing product.

Buy Wholesale CTFO 10xPure Gold Roll On with CBDa

Our 10xPURE™ patented delivery oil supports the delivery to the targeted area with CBD, CBDa, Emu oil, Menthol and Camphor for fast relief.

10xPURE- GOLD / Roll On with CBDa is specially formulated for the relief of Muscle & Joint Discomfort.

In CTFO’s 2019 Exploratory Scientific Endeavor, we found that when our patented 10xPURE™ formulation was added to the raw hemp extract, it actually supports higher levels of CBDa. Preliminary research suggests that CBDa may be better than CBD for EXTRA-STRENGTH RELIEF.

Promotes extra-strength relief when applied topically

Infused in our 10xPURE™ Gold topical Roll-On are selected ingredients to promote extra-strength relief when applied topically. Emu oil enhances deep penetration and the delivery of other ingredients. Camphor, with its cooling effect, has been shown to promote muscle and joint relief. Menthol can be applied topically and has been shown to support blood flow in the area for healing and relief from discomfort.-

Don’t waste another day with muscle and joint discomfort. Order your 10xPURE  Gold Roll-On right now! – Click Here!

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CBDa 10xPure Super Gold 1000 New Peppermint Flavor and CBDa Testimony

New Peppermint Flavor of CBDa 10xPure Super Gold 1000

While some liked the Watermelon Flavor, others said the flavor was really strong and potent. This is because 10x Super Gold 1000 is much stronger than any other product on the market and is totally unique compared to anything else. Our flavor experts have made it taste better by MASKING the potency of the plant.

After testing dozens of flavors, Peppermint by far was the best. This updated flavor has replaced the watermelon and is now shipping. So if you order today, you get the brand new flavor. It is the same exact product, just a different taste CTFO is confident the mass majority will enjoy this new flavor. Also, if you are noticing a tingling sensational this is good and demonstrates proof of potency. 10x Super Gold 1000 is antibacterial and also helps neutralize bacteria in your mouth.

10xPure Gold Super 1000 with CBDa

10xPURE GOLD SUPER 1000 Testimony

I’ve always been of the mind that taking medication is absolutely the last thing I ever want to resort to, however after years of my hip being almost totally debilitating, I was grateful to have the relief that certain meds gave me. But I always knew I couldn’t live on anything synthetic like that for too long!

Recently, I’ve been taking meds daily for my hip, knees and a super painful frozen shoulder! Then I got 10xPURE-GOLD Super 1000 and took the recommended serving the first night, then again the next morning. I cannot tell you how much I wasn’t expecting it to make any serious difference in my daily discomfort, so when the next day I woke up and remembered I hadn’t taken the medication, I was thrilled. That was two weeks ago!

I am amazed and so thrilled to have 10xPURE-GOLD Super 1000! This “magic oil” is an alternative that works, and also has so many other helpful benefits!

I’m telling everyone I know there’s a new C.B.D in town and it’s nothing like all the others. This product is going to blow CTFO into a whole new level of success! Thank you for sharing this amazing company with me.”

– Michelle Howard



More info on 10xPure Super Gold 1000 – Click Here!

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CTFO CBDA vs CBD Hemp Oil Information

Most likely if you are reading this you have heard of CBD from hemp oil. However, chances are you haven’t heard of CBDA, which is a precursor to CBD. Research suggests CBDA has some pretty interesting effects on the body? In the past it was considered to be inactive, but in the medical cannabis world there is a quiet buzz surrounding this much underappreciated compound.Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

If You Picked Hemp Straight from the Plant, You’d Find Mostly CBDa and Very Little CBD. However, when the hemp is heated to extract the CBD the heat destroys virtually all of the CBDa.

CBDA is the acid form of CBD and is much more water soluble than CBD, which is why it is much more effective for pain relief.

Studies so far suggest that CBDa doesn’t interact with the endocannabinoid system. Instead, CBDa affects other non-endocannabinoid receptors and enzymes. Which essentially means CBD plus CBDa would give you the best of both worlds, than either, by itself.

… by combining the two compounds (CBDa and CBD) , a person can take a smaller overall dose and may also benefit from a more rapid onset of effects.

That is where the 10xPure product comes in because with it when the Cannabinoids are extracted from the Hemp and it retains over 65% of the CBDA that was in the hemp originally. Plus it retains much more of the CBD also. It is simply a far superior product than regular CBD Hemp oil.

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CTFO CBD Oil Hemp Oil Contains Over 80 Cannabinoids

Hemp and Marijuana are different varieties of Cannabis Sativa. Did you know hemp oil contains over 80 different Cannabinoids one of which is CBD, however there are a number of other ones like CBC, CBDA, CBL, CBG, CBN and more.

The Image below shows the many properties contained in Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

As you can see in the above image Full Spectrum Hemp Oil contains much more that just CBD. It contains multiple Cannabinoids – like CBC, CBDA, CBL, CBG, CBN and more. plus it contains dozens of terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids. Plus vitamins – A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, folic acid plus minerals Mg, K and Fe.

10xPure CBD Oil Drops

10xPure It is the Best Value in CBD Oil

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