CTFO Shipping Info on New Exfoliator, Bliss and 10xPure Gold Coffee with CBDa

Great news: Following is what CTFO is being told by the shipping companies for the new products:

CBGa Bliss -will be shipping this week. YEAH !!

The Exfoliator -will be shipping next week. BOOM !!

10xPure CBDa Coffee & 10xPure Vanilla Latte & 10xPure Coffee – will be shipped the week after next.

CTFO is not holding up Shipping while it waits on the products. For example, if someone ordered CBGa Bliss, Coffee & Exfoliator., each product will ship as soon as it comes into the CTFO warehouse. In this example, this week, the CBGa Bliss is shipped.
And as soon as the other products come in, they are shipped immediately. Even though CTFO could not control how Covid impacted the manufacturer’s staff, ingredient suppliers, labeling companies have to temporarily shut down, shipping delays, etc, they are covering the extra cost for the multiple shipments. We are blessed to have such caring founders.

Check out this video on the remarkable 10xPURE-GOLD CBDa Relief Cream for Muscle & Joint Relief Cream:

This product is available in Individual Packets like the image above and in a Roll-On.

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CTFO Exclusive New Products With 10XPure CBGa Oil Coffee and SkinCare

This Saturday Jan 16th, 2021 CTFO is set to release some amazing new products.

Let’s take a look at these awesome new products.

– Launching an Exclusive & Patented HEALTHY 10xPure CBDa Coffee (Black & Latte)

– Launching a CBGa Product, that’s right, “G”. Exclusive – nobody else has CBGa at the present time.

– Launching an Exclusive product, people will see results in seconds.-

It is a skincare product that does about 7 different things for your skin.
However, this biggest thing is within less than a minute of using you skin
will feel freeking, silky, smooth awesome. What do people want these days – as
much as anything they want fast instant gratification.

And boy does this product deliver, within a minute of using it you will love
how it makes your skin look and feel. You will experience results almost instantly guaranteed.

Check out all these amazing benefits:
• Lightly cleanses without sulfates that dry skin out
• Tones by balancing out all skin types to optimal levels
• Exfoliates without the use of harsh abrasives
• Brightens by removing the dull surface layer of dead skin
• Hydrates and plumps, leaving skin soft and smooth
• Minimizes the look of pores by keeping them void of debris
• Primes the skin to ensure flawless makeup application
• Suited for use on the face, neck, décolletage, and body
• For all skin types and complexion including sensitive skin.

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10xPure Coffee – will help get antioxidants into your body. It helps deliver caffeine into your cells. 10xPURE Coffee defines a new era of a more water-soluble “caffeine from coffee, stretching your mental and physical capabilities to new limits! It defines a new era of a “caffeine burst of energy.”

Check out the new CelluVie Glutathione Antioxidant Precursor

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