CTFO’s 10xPURE™ CBD Patented Delivery Technology

In 2021, get ready to hear a ton more about CTFO’s breakthrough “10xPURE™ patented delivery technology” and how it sets CTFO apart from all competition.

Two years ago, CTFO’s first step in the game was CBD  since then has added 10xPure to a Multivitamin, Hand Sanitizer, and soon Coffee.

 Watch this short Video Below on CTFO CBDa.

CTFO will continue to add to many other products


If you only get 10% of what you take, you are wasting 90%.
If you get 100%, you are ten times better.

10x Pure is a revolutionary way to deliver products, ingredients, and CBD molecules to the body using 10x supercharged oxygenated oil.

The 10X Pure process removes the molecule’s membrane to create a covalent (molecular) bond. It helps ingredients get to their destination like no other product on the market.

It is hydrophilic, making it easily absorbed into the body. Since water is the main constituent of blood, the 10x Pure process allows us to transport natural products throughout the bloodstream. By Bio-availability, we mean, “The amount of a substance that enters the bloodstream when introduced into the body and so can have an active effect.” This results in increased absorption and potency!

Supercharged oxygenated 10xPure LOVES water and mixes well with it.

In lamen’s terms, it gets the IMPORTANT Stuff into the body where it needs it the most!

 10xPure has HEALING & THERAPEUTIC values all by itself.

The three main elements that make up 10xPure Oil are Lauric Acid, Caprylic Acid, and Frankincense.

– Lauric Acid acts as a Natural Antimicrobial are used for the flu, common cold, bronchitis, etc.

– Caprylic Acid is a fatty acid with potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s used for skin conditions, digestive disorders, and high cholesterol.

-Frankincense is great for asthma, arthritis, as well as gut and oral health

10xPURE process makes oil Oxygenated. You are delivering Oxygen to your cells, which on its own, has terrific health benefits. There is a ton of science in this area of Oxygenation. Do a Google Search “2019 Noble Prize in Medicine Oxygen in your Cells”, you will be blown away


10xPure Multivitamin – optimal vitamin & mineral absorption helping you live a more active and healthier life

10xPure Liquid Glove Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer not only kills germs on contact but also provides a sanitary protection barrier that lasts longer than regular hand sanitizers.

10xPURE-GOLD CBDa Muscle & Joint Relief Cream support the delivery to the targeted area with CBD, CBDa, Emu oil, Menthol, and Camphor for fast relief.

10xPURE™-GOLD SUPER 1000mg – specially formulated for EXTRA-STRENGTH RELIEF that retains the crucial acid form “a” in CBD.

10x Pure Coffee – will help get antioxidants into your body. It helps deliver caffeine into your cells. 10xPURE Coffee defines a new era of a more water-soluble “caffeine from coffee, stretching your mental and physical capabilities to new limits! It defines a new era of a “caffeine burst of energy.”

Check out the new CelluVie Glutathione Antioxidant Precursor

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Adding Value Key to Your CTFO CBD 10x Pure Oil Business Success

Value is the Axis around which all transactions revolve around.

Value does one of two things and one of two things only. It either
increases interest in something we want and/or decreases interest in
something we don’t want.

One definition of value is anything that causes a transaction to take place.

This may sound totally obvious, however, to create wealth you must create value. To create wealth in a home business you must attract others, either customers or other distributors or associates . They must believe what you have to offer is more valuable than what they would have to spend in terms of their money,
time and other expense. The more people you attract the more wealth you create. So to attract people you must provide them value in the areas they value most.

There are:
1. People care about the people they love and those relationships.
2. People care about and value their freedom.
3. People care about having more time – time to do the things they want to do not what they have to do.
4. People value security – emotional, financial and physical security.

I believe the best way to approach this is in or through your system you utilize. In other words does your system (scripts, emails, messages, etc.) reveal to prospects that the time they spend in pursuing your business will provide great value in terms of income created vs time spent.

I’ll be quite honest the vast majority of messages, etc I’ve seen for 25 years now do not work very well for the average person.
That’s why I’ve developed a system that works very well for the average person.

If your marketing message can create value for others in these areas above you will create wealth for yourself.
Focus your message on showing others how they can make more money with less time spent so they can create more wealth, health and security for themselves. So they have more time to spend with their loved ones and do the things they wish to do.

It’s tough to be real successful if you don’t feel well or lack energy. Thus you need good quality health and nutrition products like I have marketed for the last 25 years like the 10xPure ultimate Vitamin – Click Here for more info.

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New CTFO CBD CBDa Product Videos and Pricing.

Here are videos on these new CTFO products plus pricing and availability.

Video 10xPure Ultimate Multi-Vitamin

CTFO New Super Vitamin Product

No Price on this yet. Should be available in 45 days.



10xPure Gold Super 1000 with CBDa

Preferred Price: $119.97 USD Retail Price:$157.97 USD   Available around July 26th

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VIDEO https://vimeo.com/347619247


CTFO New Extreme Shake Product

Preferred Price: $39.97 USD Retail Price:$52.97 USD   Available by August 15th

Learn More about CTFO’s ExtremeShake Probiotic Protein Shake – Click Here!

WATCH 3 MINUTE VIDEO https://vimeo.com/347632850/e70c13f385

SPF 30 Sunscreen & Moisturizer

CTFO SPF 30 Sunscreen & Moisturizer

Preferred Price: $39.97 USD Retail Price:$55.97 USD  Available by July 19- 22 2019

After Sun Skin Care Cream

CTFO After Sun Skin Care Cream

Preferred Price: $39.97 USD Retail Price:$55.97 Between July 19th to July 26th.

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