CTFO CBD Home Business Communicating the Right Message

If you are in any kind of sales or home business you need this valuable information.

The typical home business or sales person is trying to sell his
product or business to other. Yet he goes about it half-ass
backwards. They’ll spend there time trying to explain the
benefits of this or that. Question – do you know what this
or that is I’m talking about? Of course you don’t without
knowing what this or that is and I used
that as an illustration because that’s in most cases exactly
what the person these people are trying to sell to thinks.

While they’re selling the person they’re selling to ain’t

This is one of the main keys to this business – this
next sentence is very valuable insight because very few very
know even less exercise this.
You must first understand what a person wants and they know
that you understand them before they will listen to you.

That is why most people have so much trouble – they try to
pitch or sell without first understanding the needs of the
other person.

If you want to learn to listen better here is a simple
3-Step Formula

1. Focus on the other person – A person’s body language says more than their words
2. Ask an opened Clarity Question – Can you explain what you meant by that…
3. Then paraphrase back to them – let me see if I understand you – are you saying…

I’ll leave you with a couple other great tips:

Make someone feel of value – they will want to be around you. If you
practice this it can be the most important thing you do to create a
successful sales or home business. It also works in relationships.

You must feel good to create a good relationship – you must have good
health. If you constantly hurt, or feel run down all the time your
sales and efforts will suffer. You need good quality health and
nutrition products like I have marketed for the last 25 years.

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CTFO CBD Home Business Helping Others Get What They Want

If you’ve worked in a home business anytime at all I’m sure you’ve heard it said
“Help enough people get what they want and you’ll get what you want.”

Every word of that is absolutely 100% true. Here’s the problem with that though,
it’s like a politician running for office who will say anything to get elected.

However, in this case I don’t believe the average home business marketer is
deliberately trying to lie to people. Heck many home business marketers are
not even thinking about this with talking to prospects or potential clients.
Most people are thinking if I’m able to get this person or get my products in
this store, or get this representative marketing my products I’ll make x
amount of money or I’ll qualify for this bonus.

Heck I’ve been guilty of this in the past I think we all have.

Most while perhaps meaning well are not sure what they can do for the other

Let’s break this down: We know some 90% of these other persons would
like to make extra money. I believe the best thing we can do for the other
person is to be able to give them something that gives them the best opportunity
to make the money they desire. This focuses our attention on what can we do
to help that person – to give them a competitive advantage.

Oh this could be you develop your powers of persuasion so you’re able to better
help “Close” their prospect.
Or you’re good at developing phone scripts or email messages, or marketing materials for the other person.

I know many of you are thinking – I don’t know how to do any of that. well sorry –
just kidding. You don’t have to do any of that because I’ve developed a system
using my many years of internet marketing experience that beats the pants off
of scripts and persuasion.

So why is it so effective. Because it’s directly designed and targeted to provide
for the mostly business needs and desires of others. Mostly business oriented
people, however, it gives real leverage to new people who’ve never been in their
own business before so they can be highly effective just starting out.

And the best part is this new person doesn’t have to create anything on their own
to actually help others get what they want.

If you would like to work with us in creating a nice extra income for yourself we would love to work with you.

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CTFO CBD Oil Home Business Building the Right Way

My goal as it has been for over 24 years now marketing online is to help people succeed in a home business not by just accepting the status quo but by helping them to leverage little known but powerful resources to gain a real competitive advantage to create the life they desire.

If you’re wanting to start a home business, let me tell you how we’re different, I don’t know if you’ve started a home business before or this is your 10th. If you’ve had great success, or little to average success. None of that matters because we’re breaking the mold, we’re changing the game. This ain’t your fathers Oldsmobile.

Check out this Video:

If you would like to work with us in creating a nice extra income for yourself we would love to work with you.

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Big Advantage with CTFO CBD Oil the GMP Label

One of the biggest advantages we have with CTFO CBD products is that we carry the GMP Certified label. In a nutshell this means you are getting the highest quality product available.

This is an interesting article on how “nano” CBD is misleading the public. We can all be proud to offer CTFO products to the world.

CTFO CBD Oil GMP Certified











“A CBD molecule is a CBD molecule. If you break it up into smaller fragments, it is no longer CBD and will not act like CBD. Adding ‘nano’ in front of the word does not change the molecule itself. Even if a beverage is presented as a nanoemulsion, when the lab adds a solvent as part of their extraction process, this causes the emulsion to break and anything encapsulated in the nanoemulsion will be visible to the lab’s instruments.”

An investigation, bringing 47 CBD products to a third-party laboratory on a mission to find out how much CBD they actually contained. In the shocking results, only about half of the products tested contained within 20% of the CBD that was labeled.

The following article shows how misleading so many CBD products are – so many are simply a rip-off.


Here are some of the results from this article of this independent testing: Multiple independent tests of CBD-infused water have found it frequently contains zero CBD.

A synopsis of the article reveals that you really have to watch out for what you are buying because many companies are taking advantage of consumers by providing inferior products.

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CTFO CBD Oil Home Business 2 Types of People

Note: We are home business professionals at this for almost 25 years now. We have a proven system that works to help people create the extra income they desire in the hot CBD Oil market.

As far as our business is concerned –

There are only 2 types of people – those that are business oriented and those that are job oriented.

The business oriented have learned that they can control their own life. Those that are job oriented whether they realize it or not are letting someone else control their life. Most of these people don’t even consider someone else is controlling them.

– it’s just how it is.

Sometimes you can take a job oriented person like I was for many years and turn them into a business oriented person. However, the vast majority of job oriented people just stay that way their entire life.

The people that excel in our type of business are as you might have guessed the business oriented people..

I believe that perhaps the best way you can go after these job oriented people is to come from this angle:”If I could show you a way that didn’t require you to totally disrupt your life that would allow you to take control of your own life instead of someone else controlling your life through your job, would you be interested in learning more?”

What have we done here – we subtly have let them know that someone through their job is controlling their life – and would they like to do something about it.

Most people don’t see their job like that, however, most people don’t like to think that someone else is controlling them in those terms.

We have a proven method to target and go after the business people. We know how to find them and target them. As we know their hot buttons and how to push them. If you would like to work with us in creating a nice extra income for yourself we would love to work with you.

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CTFO CBD Oil 2nd to None Home Business System

If you’ve ever wanted to make extra income from home (listen up) even your referrals they could earn you money each and every month. Find out how!

I’ve been working my tail off to make this process as simple as possible so you can get the most benefit out of your efforts regardless of how little or great they are.

And I in my humble opinion have created something that provides you an advantage over everyone else.

With my 24 + years internet marketing experience that allows you to contact anyone knowing they’re never seen anything like this before.
This is a workable plan in your back pocket you can go to that utilizes the internet to put a system in place that gives you a nice part time or for those really serious a full time income from home.

You can use this by itself or to also entice others to join you.

We’re not talking some run of the will retread of a plan. This is a plan
so innovative and well thought out I believe it is brilliant in it’s concept
and implementation.
Try to wrap your brain around this for a minute. Consider this – what if
you had 10 people actively promoting your business everyday to at least 5- 10 people per day. What would it grow to? What if it was 100 people actively promoting your business everyday to at least 5- 10 people per day. What would it grow to?

I’m here to tell you I think you would be downright giddy about the income that would come pouring in. My guess you would be doing a little jig everyday.

Note: If interested don’t delay in getting back to me – reason being I have only so much time to work with people. That’s not to say I won’t work with you, however, there very likely will come a time, when you may have to wait to get full support.

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CTFO Updates 10xPure Videos, New Countries, Good News about Canada

1) New “10x PURE” video and website revisions coming very, very soon
– An amazing Video has been shot and is being edited and produced this and next week.
– Website revisions and enhancements are already underway.
– The new “Products” and “Shop Now” link destination you ask for, are already LIVE and are incredible. YOU WANT TO CHECK IT OUT!!!
– New “10x PURE” info and scientific study results will be posted and highlighted soon.
– New Opportunity, About Us, Contact Me, and Documentation tab links will be coming soon. These will be separate pages, not just part of the scroll down page. Great point!
COMPLETE NEW SITE NEXT – The above is being done on our existing marketing site. Starting in May, a Whole New Website revamping project begins. This may take a little while, but we’re hiring a cutting edge, best of the best, website designer to put something amazing together for us. David D Arcangelo is helping with this.

CTFO 10xPure 1500mg CBD Oil

2) The 8 New European Countries will launch soon
– It turned out to be more programming required than anyone anticipated, so this is taking a little longer than expected. We hope to be live between the end of April & mid May. Portugal, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Note if you would like to prospect in these countries please let us know and we can provide you interested prospects.

3) New Skin Care Product Expert has been HIRED and starts May 1st
– We have found an amazing woman that has the expertise and personality to head up our skin care line marketing and promotions.
– She’s actually a product expert on almost everything we sell.
– She has her own company that sources, packages and promotes CBD products for companies like ours.
– She knows beauty and anti-aging and will be doing weekly calls for us specifically on our creams and topical products
– She will be creating some more product packages with certain products being paired with others because of how well they work together.
– She will explain why results are increased when you use certain products certain ways and with certain other products.
– She will also create some new gift and holiday packaging for us.

4) Bulk Pricing is LIVE
– We have implemented the new Bulk Pricing program for Doctors, those marketing at expos, doing a lot of retailing, etc
– The Bulk Pricing Agreement form is LIVE in everyone’s back office, with the discount rates included. Click on “Tools” than “Library” to find it.
– All anyone has to do is fill out and return a Bulk Order Agreement Form and then they can place a discounted volume order.

5) Canada Update:
– CTFO’s Canadian Partner Received its Producer’s License Renewal TODAY. This is a HUGE step forward to CTFO shipping all 70 plus products AGAIN into Canada. Please be patient as a few more details are being worked out.
– Don’t have an exact date. Could be a few weeks, or more. As soon as more information is available, it will be posted. Just wanted everyone to know…….. THAT TODAY CTFO’s CANADIAN PARTNER GOT ITS PRODUCERS LICENSE RENEWED.
– Please don’t hold us to an exact date, nothing about this is simple.
– We also had our representative meet with a Canadian attorney regarding CTFO setting up a Canadian corporation to help legitimize and stabilize everything. We should be hearing back from him early next week.
-However, it’s looking really good so far!

6) Customer Service Hold Time down to a few minutes with help of new employees
– Our call center hold times are down to just a few minutes on all days except Mondays
– Because we get everyone from the weekend calling in on Monday as well as whatever is happening that day, it’s like having 3 days worth of issues to deal with at once.
– So, we just wanted to let you know that if you ever hear of long hold times, it’s probably because it’s on a Monday.
– And if you or your team members ever have a non-urgent issue, we recommend calling in Tuesday – Friday.
– Afternoons are almost always the best time to call.
The Number to call is 707-449-4567

7) Email Notifications
– Naxum will be sending email notifications when a personally enrolled member places an order.
CTFO will be launching a bunch of NEW PRODUCTS soon !!!!
– These products are SMOKING HOT and will blow you away

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CTFO CBD Oil Updates and More Super7 Antioxidant New 10xPure Videos

We have information for you on several subjects today.

CTFO C.B.D oil is hydrophilic, making it easily absorbed into the body.
CTFO 10xPure 1500mg CBD Oil
It provides accelerated, increased absorption and potency and acts as an anti-bacterial and prebiotic. C.B.D has been known to support healthy blood sugar levels, promote healthy energy levels, relieve anxiety, aid in digestion, support optimal immune function and the regeneration of healthy cells, and promote a sense of serenity and overall well-being.

CTFO Super7 Super Antioxidant

CTFO Super7 – Super Antioxidant

Super7 is an excellent-tasting blend of 7 major Super Fruits; Acai, Amalaki, Blueberry, Cranberry, Goji, Mangosteen, and Pomegranate. The many health benefits of these Super Fruits are documented well, providing antioxidants, enzymes, energy, and way more.

CTFO completed recordings of Awesome NEW VIDEOS, including 10xPure ones will be available very soon.

After final edits, these will go live on everyone’s FREE marketing sites. Along with many incredible enhancements that will be made to the already fantastic site.

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CTFO is Opening in Germany Bringing The Finest CBD Oil to Germany Very Shortly

That’s right CTFO with it’s amazing 10xPure CBD Oil is coming to Germany in the next 30 days or so. Plus all the other 70 or so CBD Products offered by CTFO. 10xPure is the most potent best value on CBD Oil available.

We are bringing one of, if not the hottest health products in the
US  to Germany in the next 30 days or so. This is a brand new
ground floor opportunity with a huge upside with no initial investment on your part.
I myself have been an internet marketer for the past 24 years and have the ability to provide you numbers of potentially interested prospects in Germany and can even help you expand to other countries .
Contact us here and provide us your information an as soon as they are open we can get you signed up and started.

Also check out the following webpage it shows how we’re capable to support you in a big way – that is me in the picture with the big check:


10xPure CBD Oil Drops

10xPure It is the Best Value in CBD Oil

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