CTFO Updates 10xPure Videos, New Countries, Good News about Canada

1) New “10x PURE” video and website revisions coming very, very soon
– An amazing Video has been shot and is being edited and produced this and next week.
– Website revisions and enhancements are already underway.
– The new “Products” and “Shop Now” link destination you ask for, are already LIVE and are incredible. YOU WANT TO CHECK IT OUT!!!
– New “10x PURE” info and scientific study results will be posted and highlighted soon.
– New Opportunity, About Us, Contact Me, and Documentation tab links will be coming soon. These will be separate pages, not just part of the scroll down page. Great point!
COMPLETE NEW SITE NEXT – The above is being done on our existing marketing site. Starting in May, a Whole New Website revamping project begins. This may take a little while, but we’re hiring a cutting edge, best of the best, website designer to put something amazing together for us. David D Arcangelo is helping with this.

CTFO 10xPure 1500mg CBD Oil

2) The 8 New European Countries will launch soon
– It turned out to be more programming required than anyone anticipated, so this is taking a little longer than expected. We hope to be live between the end of April & mid May. Portugal, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Note if you would like to prospect in these countries please let us know and we can provide you interested prospects.

3) New Skin Care Product Expert has been HIRED and starts May 1st
– We have found an amazing woman that has the expertise and personality to head up our skin care line marketing and promotions.
– She’s actually a product expert on almost everything we sell.
– She has her own company that sources, packages and promotes CBD products for companies like ours.
– She knows beauty and anti-aging and will be doing weekly calls for us specifically on our creams and topical products
– She will be creating some more product packages with certain products being paired with others because of how well they work together.
– She will explain why results are increased when you use certain products certain ways and with certain other products.
– She will also create some new gift and holiday packaging for us.

4) Bulk Pricing is LIVE
– We have implemented the new Bulk Pricing program for Doctors, those marketing at expos, doing a lot of retailing, etc
– The Bulk Pricing Agreement form is LIVE in everyone’s back office, with the discount rates included. Click on “Tools” than “Library” to find it.
– All anyone has to do is fill out and return a Bulk Order Agreement Form and then they can place a discounted volume order.

5) Canada Update:
– CTFO’s Canadian Partner Received its Producer’s License Renewal TODAY. This is a HUGE step forward to CTFO shipping all 70 plus products AGAIN into Canada. Please be patient as a few more details are being worked out.
– Don’t have an exact date. Could be a few weeks, or more. As soon as more information is available, it will be posted. Just wanted everyone to know…….. THAT TODAY CTFO’s CANADIAN PARTNER GOT ITS PRODUCERS LICENSE RENEWED.
– Please don’t hold us to an exact date, nothing about this is simple.
– We also had our representative meet with a Canadian attorney regarding CTFO setting up a Canadian corporation to help legitimize and stabilize everything. We should be hearing back from him early next week.
-However, it’s looking really good so far!

6) Customer Service Hold Time down to a few minutes with help of new employees
– Our call center hold times are down to just a few minutes on all days except Mondays
– Because we get everyone from the weekend calling in on Monday as well as whatever is happening that day, it’s like having 3 days worth of issues to deal with at once.
– So, we just wanted to let you know that if you ever hear of long hold times, it’s probably because it’s on a Monday.
– And if you or your team members ever have a non-urgent issue, we recommend calling in Tuesday – Friday.
– Afternoons are almost always the best time to call.
The Number to call is 707-449-4567

7) Email Notifications
– Naxum will be sending email notifications when a personally enrolled member places an order.
CTFO will be launching a bunch of NEW PRODUCTS soon !!!!
– These products are SMOKING HOT and will blow you away

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News CTFO CBD Hemp Oil in Canada and Several US States

Important News about Canada and Nebraska and Michigan. Temporarily CTFO has suspended shipping of the CBD Oil to these states. However, shipping should resume very soon. In the Case of Canada July 1st at the very latest. (More below)

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CTFO for people in Canada and these states is going to do a rank over-ride until shipping begins again. In a nut-shell you’ll be qualified for the “Highest Rank” you have achieved until things are resolved in Canada or whatever State might be affected like Nebraska and Michigan. You’ll still have to place an order for one of the non- CBD Super 7 weight loss products.

I have developed an amazing recruiting tool that is extremely effective and I want to share it with my team. There is a link to signup above and join me.

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