CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Stuff General Information How to Get Paid

It’s not hard to do, however, every once in a while I get people asking how to set up their CTFO Commission Payment Gateway so I’ve included some easy to follow instructions for you below. One of the great things about CTFO which I’ve never seen before is what you earn by Sunday midnight you get paid 3 days later on Wednesday.

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How to Activate Your GPG (Global Payment Gateway) Account & Transfer Commissions

1. Activate your GPG account
– Log into your CTFO Back Office using the username and password you set up during your enrollment.
– Click on the Commissions tab and select Get Commissions
– Click on the blue link at the bottom of the page that says ‘Click Here to Login to your GPG Commission Account.’
– You will then be greeted by the GPG activation screen which will lead you through a series of information that you’ll enter and verify to set up your GPG account.
2. Add your banking information
– Once the activation is complete, you’ll log back into your CTFO back office. Click Get Commissions under the Commissions tab and click the blue link at the bottom of the page that says ‘Click Here to Login to your GPG Commission Account.’
– This will bring you to a screen which asks for your GPG password – you will have just set this up during activation. Enter the security code and login.
– On the right hand side of your screen, you’ll see an option to add a bank account, credit or debit card or prepaid card. *Transfers made to US bank accounts are free. Transfers made to a credit/debit/prepaid card or Canadian bank accounts are subject to a $5.50 transfer fee.
– Once you’ve added the payment method of your choice, you’re ready to transfer your commissions!
3. Complete a Transfer (Once you get paid)
– On your GPG Dashboard, select the button of your choice as to where you’d like to transfer your commissions. (Transfer my pay to: My Bank, My Visa/MC or Another GPG)
– Fill in the amount you’d like to transfer in the box that says “Amount to Payout.”
– Click “Go”
– Once you complete your transfer, commissions typically take 2-3 business days to appear in your account.

Well that’s it, it’s really pretty simple.

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