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Wow. I didn’t realize how much the weight loss spray was helping me stop my bad eating habits until I ran out. This afternoon I am wanting to eat all the time again! I must order more Weight Loss Spray soon!

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Today’s total caloric intake:1,411 calories

Coffee this morning 57 calories
2 glasses of sweet tea during the day 180 calories
Red wine (two 5oz. glasses) 250 calories
2 ham & cheese w/egg sandwiches (1 Tbs mayo) 924 calories
Feeling full and satisfied… not hungry at all.

I am using two 1/3 eye-droppers of 750mg CTFO CBD Hemp oil (once in the morning and once in the evening) to squash my appetite.

The stuff really works!

Jacques Gaspard

I am wondering if anyone else gets the munchies?…
The light at the end of that tunnel is the Chew Offs. Got em, use em and the munchies are gone. If anyone else has this problem I HIGHLY recommend this product and they taste like candy. WIN-WIN.
Garry Schultz

The oral weight loss spray has become my best friend( lol). I’ve always been one for late night snacking and finishing my plate even when I was full. Which is one of the reasons why my weight wouldn’t change, well since I’ve been using the spray I don’t snack late at night and my 3 yr old eats more than I do. Now I don’t know if inches has come off (I’m afraid to get on the scale) but i do feel lighter.

Dee Walker

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