CTFO Bliss with 10xPure CBGa for Stress

CTFO’s New Bliss product with CBGa.

It’s exclusive and creates a happy feeling, elevates mood, reduces stress and anxiousness. It must be experienced to be fully appreciated. It may become your favorite product.

It comes in drops to add to your favorite drink and contains 200mg of CBGa. Try it today.

CTFO Bliss with 10xPure CBGa for Stress

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Check Out the new CelluVie Glutathione Antioxidant Precursor

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CTFO Set to Release a New Version of CBD CBg Oil

CBG or CBDg offers similar benefits to CBD, but can me more effective in many conditions like inflammation, pain, nausea, anxiety, sleep and many other health concerns. The following video provides you more info on this.


 Watch the entire 15-minute presentation and be blown away

  • What Does CTFO Have in Common with a $3 Billion Pharmaceutical Company?
  • How to Conquer The Crisis And 10 Times Your Life
  • The Person Who Understands the Math/Fact Controls the Business
  • CTFO: The Fastest Growing Wholesale Shopping Club of It’s Kind

Check out the new CelluVie Glutathione Antioxidant Precursor

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CTFO Announcements Celluvie Glutathione Precursor, 10xPure Liquid Glove More

CTFO Cares
Celluvie is an amazing product. I have been using it for 5 days down and have been very impressed with it so far. I’m anxious to see how I feel after 60 days or more taking it.

CELLUVie® acts as a precursor, a chemical reaction that produces another compound, supporting the increase of intracellular glutathione, which helps regulate the immune system, protects against radiation, is a primary antioxidant and detoxifies cells.
Celluvie Glutathione Precursor
It is backed by 20 years of research!

Slow down the aging process, increase youthful energy, and delay skin aging from the inside. The proprietary process enhances the balance of specific peptides formulated with the vital role of protecting cells, tissues, and organs from premature aging.

 10xPURE Liquid Glove Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

This fantastic product is now LIVE and available to order!!
 10xPURE Liquid Glove Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer
The best part is, there are over 40 uses per bottle for only $19.97!

Order multiple bottles to save on shipping.

Please note: This product kills germs on contact. We do not make any specific claims about how long the germ-killing power lasts.

  How Pandemic Inpacted the CBD business

The state of the $10 billion CBD business, why it will grow to $15 billion by year-end 2020, and why we need to teach people the phrase, “DON’T ASK FOR CBD, DEMAND 10xPURE!”

In this content-rich webinar, David explained why our 10xPURE -GOLD Super 1000 and 10xPURE Full Spectrum are first-mover advantage products designed to deliver results sooner and with higher potency than any other CBD products on the market.

Did you know that NO other company that we know of has stabilized the acid forms of cannabinoids such as CBDa or CBGa like we have with 10xPURE?

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CTFO Work at Home Business Great Uncertainty Breeds a Great Opportunity.

With great uncertainty there is also great opportunity.

There is so much happening right now – so much uncertainty so much unknown, so many people afraid of what’s coming next.

I’m not trying to downplay any of this, however, I did see some very encouraging news last night – some people were forecasting with their original models that there would be a 3-4 % death rate from the virus.

Some very believable experts are now saying it’s more like 0.1 to 0..4 % or at least 10 times less, which puts it about like the flu which is typically 0.1 % for most flus.
Any death is still unfortunate, however, this is very good news.

I will say this though where there is great uncertainty there is also great opportunity. Some people will use it for evil, however, it can be used for great good also.

So here’s what I’m getting at here? – The small business world is in some real turmoil right now with a lot of uncertainty. Businesses don’t like uncertainty you can’t plan very well with a lot of uncertainty.

This however, gives us a great opportunity to capitalize on what I believe is the next huge trend in direct sales – network marketing.

Catering to small businesses.

Now how is this different to what most people do?
Well what most people do is marry themselves to a particular company and then try to push the products from that company on others and small businesses regardless of the fit.

What I propose and what my program does is to first try to do something for the small business to develop a relationship with them first. To show them that myself and my team can be a valuable asset to them in a variety of ways.

This then allows me to promote the products from my network marketing- direct sales company through their business provided I have the right comp plan to take advantage of this.

What we are effectively doing is creating a great distribution channel for our products. Exactly what other businesses do when they move their products through distribution giants like Walmart. Just we do it on a much smaller scale without all the other hassles those businesses must endure..

This also gives myself and my team great flexibility, in the event our Direct Sales company develops problems we are able to move our business elsewhere to align with another network company.

Or if there happens to be another company with other products the small business might find valuable to their customers and clients we can create another source of revenue for ourselves and the small business with no real additional work.
Provided the comp plan of this other company is such that it makes this possible.

Bottom Line Summary:

I have developed a complete virtually turnkey system starting in the fall of last year that provides complete instructions and more on:

  • How to locate these businesses and individuals.
  • How to approach and contact them.
  • What to say to them in the initial contact to get them to respond positively.
    (I have pre-written messages and emails)
  • What to say in an initial voice message.
    (I have pre-written scripts)
  • What to send them in the follow up to their initial interest.
    (I have pre-written messages and emails)

And you don’t even need to leave your home to do any of
this. And most can be done through the internet.

Get back to me for more details on getting started.

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CTFO CoronaVirus A perfect storm of events creates an unprecedented opportunity.

CoronaVirus A perfect storm of events creates an unprecedented opportunity.

Nobody reading this asked for this Corona Virus, however we can make
lemonade out of it.

Let me explain> Let’s examine all our variables here.

We have many people either being asked to work from home or are
being laid off.
We have many small businesses being greatly impacted right now.
They’re faced with several options:
1. – Going out of business.
2. – Having to lay people off.
3. – Unable to pay rent or bills.

Plus with many of these small businesses how many of their customers
will be back when all of this is over? This also is a major concern of all
these people. Or will their customers spend as much as previously?
This is also another concern of theirs.

As someone who has worked from home for over 22 years I know how to
create income not going into a job everyday.

And I want to help.
I have been working on a complete system to target and assist these
small businesses since way before this virus hit. Talk about timing – this
helps so many people.

Please get back to me if you’re interested in making money from home
with this system.

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CTFO CBD Limited Time Sale Plus New Pain Combo Pack

Special sale – now through next Tuesday 2- 25 at Midnight save 20% on all CTFO products.
However, its only good on your first order during that time. So I advise you to order all the products you plan on ordering all at one time. There are no special codes to enter to receive this discount.

Also starting today any new person who signs up within their first seven days after they signup they receive 20% off on their first order.

No coupon code needed, this discount will be applied automatically at the time of check out. *This does not include Auto-ship orders or Business Builder Packages.

Going Forward

This 20% also is being extended to any and all new Associates! To increase urgency and interest at the time of sign up, we will be offering the same 20% off to anyone who makes a purchase within their first seven days of signing up! And if that weren’t enough, the company has created drip email campaigns that will automatically be sent to new enrollees to encourage them to make a purchase.

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Must Watch New CTFO 10xPure CBDa Gold Video

The following Simply Must Watch Video is a great New video which further discusses 10xPure and and Especially 10xPure Gold with CBDa. Listen especially closely around the 10 minute mark.

In Video above David D’Arcangelo explains the latest 10xPURE science uncovered over the last 6 months that could shake the entire CBD industry! Pay close attention to slide 10. Webinar length is approximately 13 minutes.

First, we know there is NO CBD in the hemp plant. There are the acid forms such as CBDa. The facts are that the acid forms of CBD, such as CBDa, are unstable. That means that the acid form after processing, heat and time drops the acid(a) and becomes CBD. Everyone wants to stabilize the acids such as CBDa because there is a published study on CBDa and its positive impact on pain and inflammation. There is emerging science that makes a case that CBDa is 1000 times better than CBD for nausea and anxiety. The problem: CBDa is unstable and converts to CBD in the bottle after bottling and before the customer uses it.

At CTFO we have found 10xPURE to be an exciting solution to protecting the CBDa, so you get what you pay for. We have previously released a paper on this topic, it is available for you to read in the documentation area of our website. We will soon be releasing another paper in which we’ll be comparing the original lab tests of one of our 10xPURE products to lab tests taken after being in the bottle for 6 months, paying specific attention to the CBDa content. We compared the CBDa potency when we bottled it initially and then six months later.

These are exciting times and the future is bright for CTFO Associates. We believe we are 3 years ahead of the industry and strive to be bring cutting edge products that deliver real results. Don’t ask for CBD. Demand 10xPURE.

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Check Out 10xPure Ultimate Multi-Vitamin Mineral Supplement – Click Here.

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CTFO 10xPure CBDa Oil Info and Video

This is a very good video that contains some very powerful info about the CTFO 10xPure Super Gold Product with CBDa.

David D’Arcangelo talks about CBDa.

In a nut shell, 10x Pure is a revolutionary way to deliver broad spectrum CBD molecules / oil to the body by using 10x supercharged oxygenated oil.

In a nut shell, 10x Pure is a revolutionary way to deliver broad spectrum CBD molecules / oil to the body by using 10x supercharged oxygenated oil. CBD Oil consists of cannabinoids which are NOT water soluble. The process of using Nano technology to assist in making the oil water soluble, offered by competitors, “chops” the molecules of CBD. This actually damages the molecules.

CTFO 10xPure 1500mg CBD Oil

10xPure Super Gold 1000 CBDa Oil – More Information Click Here!

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CTFO CBD Oil 2nd to None Home Business System

If you’ve ever wanted to make extra income from home (listen up) even your referrals they could earn you money each and every month. Find out how!

I’ve been working my tail off to make this process as simple as possible so you can get the most benefit out of your efforts regardless of how little or great they are.

And I in my humble opinion have created something that provides you an advantage over everyone else.

With my 24 + years internet marketing experience that allows you to contact anyone knowing they’re never seen anything like this before.
This is a workable plan in your back pocket you can go to that utilizes the internet to put a system in place that gives you a nice part time or for those really serious a full time income from home.

You can use this by itself or to also entice others to join you.

We’re not talking some run of the will retread of a plan. This is a plan
so innovative and well thought out I believe it is brilliant in it’s concept
and implementation.
Try to wrap your brain around this for a minute. Consider this – what if
you had 10 people actively promoting your business everyday to at least 5- 10 people per day. What would it grow to? What if it was 100 people actively promoting your business everyday to at least 5- 10 people per day. What would it grow to?

I’m here to tell you I think you would be downright giddy about the income that would come pouring in. My guess you would be doing a little jig everyday.

Note: If interested don’t delay in getting back to me – reason being I have only so much time to work with people. That’s not to say I won’t work with you, however, there very likely will come a time, when you may have to wait to get full support.

Click Here for more information and to get started.

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New CTFO CBD Products 10xPure Ultimate Vitamin



“10xPURE” Supercharged oil is the most exciting new ingredient for people exploring opportunities for optimal vitamin & mineral absorption helping you live a more active and healthier life. We start with a logical scientific approach so that each exceptional ingredient is in a compatible form that your body can recognize.

Your body is receiving a synergistic combination of life enhancing nutrients not available in most multivitamins on the market. This includes superior amino acid chelated minerals for optimal absorption, the most biologically active form of folate, as 5-MTHF (also called L-methylfolate) which does not require any additional work by your body to use and supports cardiovascular health, cognitive health, and more; Vitamin K2 as MK4 and MK7 for rapid absorption targeting bone and vascular health and Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin in the form that works synergistically with folate in the brain.

10xPURE plus 23 exceptional ingredients are combined iin a science-based formulation utilizing the 10xPURE patented delivery technology, because without penetration and absorption of the key ingredients, nutrients would go to waste and potency would be reduced.

10xPURE-GOLD topical Roll-On can be carried very easily in your POCKET. What a great product to share with other in person. It is only $47 and lasts approx 2-3 months.

Check this out… 420 of the 500 MG is CBDA !!!!!!

It is patented delivery oil supports the delivery to the targeted area with CBD, CBDa, Emu oil, Menthol and Camphor for fast relief.

Infused in our 10xPURE-GOLD topical Roll-On are selected ingredients to promote extra-strength relief when applied topically. Emu oil enhances deep penetration and the delivery of other ingredients. Camphor, with its cooling effect, has been shown to promote muscle and joint relief. Menthol can be applied topically and has been shown to support blood flow in the area for healing and relief from discomfort.

Don’t waste another day with muscle and joint discomfort.

Keto Creamer

This product is a HOME-RUN SHIPS TO CANADA

There will be a SAMPLE PROGRAM built around this product .

This product is only $34.95

Start your day with rich, delicious KetoCreamer added to your favorite coffee or tea. KetoCreamer is a great metabolism booster designed to burn fat and curb your appetite. Formulated with high quality coconut oil, MCT, and grass-fed butter to curb your appetite.


Four of our products you already love, now are made with Full Spectrum CBD AND contain more CBD!



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