CTFO CBD Skin Care Products
Hyaluronic Serum: For Best results Follow with Apple Stem Cell Cream OR AM/PM
Vitamin C Serum: For Best results Follow with Apple Stem Cell Cream OR AM/PM
Apple Stem Cell Cream: For Best results Use One of CTFO’S Serums
For added Moisture use Moisture Blast First
For UV Protection and reduction in age spots use Vitamin C Serum first
Both are Great products to use together and in the am/pm
AM/PM Anti-Aging moisturizing cream: For Best results Use One of CTFO’S
Serums First
Daily Facial Cleanser: For best results follow with the Toner
Neck & Décolleté Cream: For added results use Vitamin C Serum &/or Moisture
blast serum First
Bye Bye Puffy Eyes Under Eye Cream: Use One of CTFO’S serums First and use one of CTFO moisturizers After your eye cream!
Collagen Retinol Anti-Aging Cream: For maximum results, use Vitamin C serum First
Instant Wrinkle Remover: To be used on clean skin – For added results use the
Cleaner and Toner First
Eyelash and Brow Growth Serum: apply after skin routine and allow to dry before bed
CBD Toner: For best results follow with one of CTFOS Serums and then Moisturizing creams
CBD Ultra-Moisturizing  Body butter: apply all over your body after each body for smooth moisturized skin
Overnight Skin Rejuvenator Cream: Use nightly over CTFO serum of choice OR

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CTFO CBD Skin Care Facial Products Reviews Testimonies

Here are more great CTFO CBD hemp oil testimonies about their skin care facial products containing CBD.

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CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Products


Forehead Wrinkles and Furrow lines between the eyes.
CTFO CBD Skin care results
My forehead wrinkles are really deep and the furrows between my eyes are hereditary (father sisters have them) land from me squinting. Here’s my results from the face lift cream. I’m not one to post pics of myself….my sister said, put the cream over my entire forehead and Furrow area. I can’t believe how it lifted and stretched the skin. I cant believe I’ve posted this. I’m not one to do so. – E. B. Cauley

Skincare – CBD Daily Facial Cleanser

Those that know me, know I’ve been dedicated to one skin care product for more than a decade, maybe even 2 decades!! But during and after my last pregnancy my skin has not been the same. My skin was always clear and blemish free and lately (after 40) I feel like I have been fighting with it. So I decided to switch it up and try our CBD daily skin cleanser for all skin types. I’ve been using it since Thursday of last week 2× a day with my cleansing brush.

Well the bumps are gone, and my skin feels baby smooth this morning. I did notice a difference the first time I used it, but wanted to wait a few days to see how my skin would react over time. I have sometimeish sensitive skin.

Overall I really like it. Its affordable. For all skin types. Pretty decent size bottle so I think it will last a while. All you need is a dime sized amount 2× a day. I was pleasantly surprised by the results.  Feel free to share…  – C. M. Bernal

Skin Care Relief.
Ok been looking for a skin care line, Voila the universe brings me CTFO and……3 days love the product. My skin was angry, lots of sun damage.
Using Cleanser, Overnight Skin Rejuvenator Cream, Collagen Retinol Anti-Aging Cream, and Moisturizer, top up with some oil. 3 products cost me as much as 1 good skin product elsewhere. – M. Fields

CTFO CBD Skin care results

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